Beckham a no-show...

...and Dallas area fans are upset. I agree with Travis Bell, FC Dallas fan club president who stated earlier, "The people who are only buying tickets because of one player are getting what they deserved." Although we purchased our tickets knowing we could potentially see David Beckham, the fact that he will not make it due to his ankle issues does not make me any less excited to attend the game tonight. There are many fans upset, and wanting a refund. Ticket sales for this game have been the highest the Dallas franchise has ever seen, and rightfully so to a certain extent. Here's my view on the situation and why I'm not the least bit upset:

1) We are FC Dallas fans and shouldn't need any other reason or incentive to watch and support them.

2) Galaxy is a great organization and team who will give us a great game tonight regardless of whether Beckham is on the roster or not.

3) He is not the greatest soccer player the world has ever seen, he's not even the greatest player around. I'd rather see Maradona's fat @ss on the bench drinking a beer and snorting a line.

4) The only reason Beckham is here is for more playing time (if he was that incredible of a player he wouldn't be playing for Galaxy, he would still be in Europe) and for a possible career in Hollywood. Ugh, Not looking forward to his cinematic debut.

5) He is not that cute ladies, really. I'm so over his overly, sexually charged, racey pictures already.

6) His wife? Super cute and super funny, but still needs a stick to prop her neck up straight (it annoys me).

7) Landon Donovan will still be there, who in my eyes, is DREAMY!

So my conclusion? I'm going to the game. I'm screaming my head off for Dallas, and I'm making the best of it, pouring rain and all. I will follow Landon everywhere with my camera zoom and have some incredible booty shots to show off tomorrow! Move over Beckham, Donovan is still my fave!

Oh, and Go Dallas!

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