Rainy Days

So it turns out I live in Seattle, minus the cool music. The rain hasn't really stopped, I like it, but it makes work a drag. In my book, raining days = nap time. I'm studying for a test I'm positive I will fail. It's over algebra. That was my attempt at an equation. Back to the subject at hand. The traffic isn't too bad, but have you noticed that when it rains it's like everyone in this town turns into an idiot? Break. Break. Break. Crash. Sometimes you can be over cautious thus causing more wrecks. Either way, it slows everything down, but an unusually long commute to work allows for thinking, and lots of loud singing, and I like that. I could've lived without 114 being shut down for a day, because I-35 brings the road rage out in this woman. My husband thinks I have some inner rage issues. I think I do too. Here are some random pics from when I should be paying attention. Nothing fancy, just a lot of rain and a peek into my day on the road.



I'll make this pretty and add interesting jabber soon.