Foggy View

So I drove to Wichita Falls this weekend, just a day trip for a soccer tourney, and the fog was horrible! Our early game was delayed because of it actually. After 9:45 or so, it lifted and turned out to be a beautiful day. They won both of their games, and everyone was happy. Ironically, every game I've gone to has resulted in a win, and their only losses were games I couldn't attend. We'll see how it plays out from here on...

In The Car II

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I was able to make a weekend trip back to Abilene. The ride there was beautiful. There's something about driving back to West Texas that I love. While I was there I stopped at the second best place to get some good food, Larry's Better Burger on Pine. It's probably one of the oldest eateries in Abilene. It's not in the best neighborhood and nowadays it's best to only go during the day. Many years back it was frequented by those that spent the whole day posted outside of the "Juicy Pig." This area was known to be the place of much drug usage and sells. Now you never really see people outside in that area..maybe just walking. I don't care..you could have me march through an alley of Abilene wannabe gang bangers - but I'm getting me so greasy Larry's when I visit. If you go, get the Cowboy Basket, or the Wildcat Special. Four of us ate on $15 so it's super easy on the wallet.
Oh, and I took the pic from the car because it's only a park, and walk to order place, no seating, unless you count the space in your vehicle.



It's reported here that a reunion is in the works. Let's just say I WILL be "Hangin' Tough" at any DFW show that might be coming soon.

Don't hate.


What's in a teacher's desk?

Thought you might ask. Here's a quick glimpse into mine. It changes daily. What's in your desk?

1. Colored grading pens. I've gots to have color mayne! Red, purple. orange and green! I prefer the cheap Bic pens.

2. A silver spoon for my soups and such.

3. Yes, thats a 6-way nail buffer. I tend to get my nails professionally done, but haven't had the time...but I have to stay on point with them ya know.

4. I need candy..a lot sometimes. It's a great way to tick the kids off. Haha, I can eat candy in class, you can't!

5. A piece of paper a kid slipped me...it's the name of some uber great soccer boot that I "HAVE TO LOOK UP!" I guess my husband being a soccer coach means I'm a soccer-freak as well.

6. Extra batteries for my digital camera since I obviously use it religiously in the classroom.

7. Small pieces of Artgum eraser. My favorite, even though it crumbles.

8. This is a new one. Tech Deck finger skateboards are the hot item in middle schools this year. It seems finger skateboarding is a trend I didn't expect. I only pick them up when they're a distraction, otherwise, I give them time to try out some tricks.

9. Extra thank you notes. Because teachers in nature are professional PTA presidents and soccer moms, no good deed is left unnoticed, so when I get a treat in my box from a fellow faculty member or parent, I fill one of these bad boys out.

10. Dental wax was a necessity when I had braces, as if I wasn't awkward enough in middle school. I've noticed a lot of my kids complaining about brackets cutting the inside of thier mouths but no one knew about dental wax. I stocked up at $1.50 each and distribute as needed.


I announced to my kids last week that I would be leaving town briefly to visit a close aunt that had just gotten diagnosed with breast cancer. Their response? A bag full of encouraging cards to take with me to her. I love these kids. It's lonely when they're not around.

Sentimental Stones

While in Abilene a few weeks ago Joey and I visited a lot of family. We had everyone covered except for our beloved grandfathers who died only months within each other. In fact, I feel like if it wasn't for them we would've never found each other. You see, Joey was away at college when his grandfather became ill. Being as close to "Big Daddy" as he was (that's what they called him), Joey left school to spend as much time with him as possible. Just a couple of months later, Big Daddy passed away. Joey decided to finish out his schooling locally, and that June, we met. In September of that year my "Papa" passed away. I, too, was very close to my grandfather and took it very hard. Deep down inside I feel it was all a part of a plan. I've always wished I was able to meet Joey's grandfather, feel it was all a part of a plan. If it wasn't for Big Daddy, Joey would never have come back home, and I may not have met him. If it wasn't for Joey, I would never be able to have handled Papa's death. Bittersweet, I guess. So obviously the only way we could "see" our grandfather's would be to visit the place their bodies lie. I don't believe there's a huge significance in the last physical location as I'm a spiritual person, but there's something soothing about it...well, when it's your family. When it's not, it's borderline creepy.

This picture is a piece of Big Daddy's stone. If you look close enough, you can see him and Joey's grandmother. We were given their wedding bands to wear, which means the world to me to know such a strong love has symbolically been passed down to us.

There's an overflow of love and emotion shown through the adornments people place on their loved one's grave markers. At first, I thought it was pointless and tacky. But once I've studied them, and realized this is someone's father, daughter, or friend, I realized if this is a piece of solace for them, I think it's beautiful.

Whereas the most elaborate markers included flowers and huge stones adorned with pictures and vases, some families can't afford that. This person only had a name plate you can see at the foot of the bed. That didn't stop the family from making the best of it.

A lot of these stones we ran saw were very old, odd, and personal.

You're not cool enough to be invited

Just kidding. Sorry for the temporary closure, I didn't pay my Blogger bill. Actually, I made an uh-oh and released some minor info to my students that if Googled would link to two blogs of cyber-friends of mine. I know, I know, I'm being paranoid but better safe then sorry right?
But I'm not going to just let you back in without welcoming you back without a blog, just give me a minute to work on it :)

Thanks Dave & Yessi!


I'm annoyed.

First, he's see with her at bar.

Then there was Thanksgivng with her family.

THEN she shows up to his football game.

NOW he's hanging out with her in freakin' Cancun a week before the game he screwed up for us last year?!? To add insult to injury, my golden boy Whitten was there.

Dang you Tony Romo! Dang you.

I'm not one to say what he should or shouldn't do with his time...but for the amount of money he's getting paid now, and the amount of money we've spent seeing their games...well, this really isn't HIS time to be spending now is it? Sure, he supposedly had a playbook he was studying at the beach. What, he can't study here in Dallas? He can't go back home to his parents or visit his grandparents? Either way, girl or no girl, there's so much controversy and attention surrounded in this relationship and to think it doesn't affect the playing field is ridiculous of him, Whitten, and Wade Phillips. This is when I wish Parcells was here to tell him to "cut this sh*t out" until they win a freakin' super bowl. This isn't the time the fraternize with the sexy blonde who's made a career out of being a "dumb blonde" at the beach Tony - especially when her reputation consists of such low-grade performance. Win a championship ring for us - then get your party on.

Until then, I'm watching you!


Birthday weekend!

Not mine, it's the man's. And because we are in Christmas break financial recovery we've been keeping things modest, unless you count his birthday present (80G PS3, Call of Duty 4, AND Guitar Hero...I'm addicted to that one right now). So I've made this his birthday weekend since his actual birthday is on Monday and that's no fun. It started last night when I cooked up a pretty decent dinner, and for brunch today when he was given some homemade pancakes and all the other breakfast stuff. Well, so tonight I decided it was time to pull out the big guns. I love to cook, but I cook simple. With our schedules it's not feasible to do the big meals I was use to growing up. I have no idea how my mom did it. Actually, I can't fathom how my grandmother did it. You see, I made beef tacos, rice, beans, and homemade tortillas...for two. My grandmother would do the same, for twelve! I remember as child watching her cook. She's stand in front of the counter, rolling her rolling pin back and forth making tortillas. I would stand on her foot (ouch, huh?) and wrap my arms around her leg. I would hear "click, clack, click, clack" as her rings would roll on the pin. Her tortillas were flawless. I love homemade tortillas, but mine still usually come out looking like Italy. Ah! Oh well, they still taste good and I still enjoy finding the time to make them. Today they turned out pretty round, so I had to take pics!
I'm not sure what's on the menu tomorrow, but I have a lot of extra beans and rice, so it's leaning towards more Mexican.

Soccer season, it begins.

It seems like last year's soccer season was a different lifetime ago. I guess that means it was a long year. I rushed after school let out yesterday to make it to my husband's first game this year. "It's JUST a scrimmage!" he says, "Okay, okay, I know but I still want to go." says I, every time this time of year. I go to every single one of his games, since he became a coach some 6 years ago. This is school number four, which seems like a lot, but when they're all promotions, and the season's are great, the change is great. Because this is school number four, I've gone through my share of soccer t-shirts and collections of sweatshirts and turtlenecks in each school color. Do you know how frustrating it can be to collect a ton of bright orange one year to all red the next?!? Keep in mind high school soccer season starts in January which makes for very cold games. Last night was no exception, which made me glad that I had a new blanket to help keep me warm. Recently my mom crocheted us a blanket which kind of turned into a queen sized comforter because of it's size. Lugging it up the stands felt awkward, but once I wrapped myself in it, I was so glad she made it. It's pretty special to me. So it's bright, but that's good, makes it easier for him to find me in the stands now ;) Actually, the colors are the colors of the schools he's coached at. Black and gold, purple and gold, orange and blue, and these past two years it's red and white, with blue accents. I thought it'd be weird posting pics of these kids playing which turned out okay because I couldn't get my eyes off the vibrancy of the blanket. I began to study every stitch, and began to think of how long this blanket will be a part of our lives. I love sentimental things, and this is the first thing that I've gotten since we wed that really symbolizes my husband and I This blanket with always remind me of his career, my support in the stands, and my mom's support of our marriage.

By the way, we won. It was "just a scrimmage," but he sure was happy to have won it.