I'm annoyed.

First, he's see with her at bar.

Then there was Thanksgivng with her family.

THEN she shows up to his football game.

NOW he's hanging out with her in freakin' Cancun a week before the game he screwed up for us last year?!? To add insult to injury, my golden boy Whitten was there.

Dang you Tony Romo! Dang you.

I'm not one to say what he should or shouldn't do with his time...but for the amount of money he's getting paid now, and the amount of money we've spent seeing their games...well, this really isn't HIS time to be spending now is it? Sure, he supposedly had a playbook he was studying at the beach. What, he can't study here in Dallas? He can't go back home to his parents or visit his grandparents? Either way, girl or no girl, there's so much controversy and attention surrounded in this relationship and to think it doesn't affect the playing field is ridiculous of him, Whitten, and Wade Phillips. This is when I wish Parcells was here to tell him to "cut this sh*t out" until they win a freakin' super bowl. This isn't the time the fraternize with the sexy blonde who's made a career out of being a "dumb blonde" at the beach Tony - especially when her reputation consists of such low-grade performance. Win a championship ring for us - then get your party on.

Until then, I'm watching you!


yessi said...

you are too funny!
the only reason why I know what in the world you are talking about is because of Kidd Kraddick haha.

Jay said...

Wow, you're really passionate about this.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree and I do wish Parcells was still here. The team needs his disapline. By the way, this is the team that Parcells built.

Jeff said...

Well...as a New Yorker i'm lovin' Ms. Smarty Pants (sarcastic name). I'm not a Giants fan (Jets fan) but i am a New York fan.

I hate to say this, but thanks Jess. :)

I don't really think this will make a difference in the outcome of the game as Eli Manning hasn't proven anything yet and the odds are that the Boys are going to win, so I wouldn't worry too much.

It'll definitely be an interesting game tho.