What a party!

Too tired to be creative and write a wonderful description of last night's events but here are a few mentionables and some not so great pics, but they will do!

Hmm, let's see: GREAT food (I actually had a spicy cheesecake with red bell pepper sauce), free drinks duh, entertainment consisted of some great bands, a dj, some provacatively dressed dancers, a naked girl, a girl on a ring, a scary green guy on stilts, a juggler/jester, a cute morning show radio personality, girls dressed in gold bikinis on roller skates, beautiful people of course (Dallas IS home of the beautiful people), and a photobooth. I'm sure there was more that I missed, we spent most of the night acting a fool on the dance floor. Can't wait until next year!

Gold skaters

Me, Pat (D and People General Mgr.), Adriane (Designer), Allison and Christina (Photographers)

Carrie (Sales rep), Judy (her friend), Me & Adriane

Jason (Adriane's boyfriend) and the creepy green guy

Ring girl

Aww, the esposo and I

Carrie, Judy (her friend), Me & Adriane

Judy, JC from Kidd Kraddick in the morning), myself and Carrie (she's dating a Dallas Cowboy lucky girl!)

Naked girl!

I'm starting my diet tomorrow.

Great band

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DC said...

aah fix picture links so we can see the fun! :)