Cry me a river

So there are three shows I've been watching and will be watching pretty intensely - all reality shows mind you: America's Next Food Network Star, Big Brother 8, and Age of Love. Besides the drama, they are all very different. Their common denominator would have to be the criers. That's right, criers, and frankly, it's getting pretty old. First, ANFS, ladies and gentleman, I introduce: Jag. Not only did he cry when up on the chopping block, spending time at a military base, but he cried for obvious reasons when he admitted, er, got caught in a web of lies that would embarrass a congressman. He lied about graduating from culinary school, and the other shocker, about his non-existent deployment as a marine to Afghanistan. What the heck? Where's your hoo-rah? Where's the discipline and credibility that is supposed to go along with the uniform? What a disgrace to your fellow troops and the brave young men and women around the world that sacrifice so much just for you to have the ability to lie about military missions. Thanks for your service, but leave your lies at the door. Good luck to you and your Latin Caribbean inspired meals! You broke my heart.

Next we have The Age of Love? What is the premise exactly? Glad you asked! The purpose of the show is to help find some tennis stud his one true love, typical Bachelor-inspired show. The catch involves the fish to be caught, or should I say, kittens and cougars? That's right, twenty and forty year olds fight for the love and affection of Mark Philippoussis, our stud. The crier on this show goes by the name of Mary Long. I haven't see her talk on the show for more than 5 minutes without a scene of her crying about how "she's a mess," and she just "can't take it anymore." I can't take her crying anymore. She dolls up like a diva but sinks like a heavy-burden shipped. Yes Mary, there's is something about you, but it's not appealing, glad you didn't get invited back.

Last but not least, move over Puck(Real World), make room Ripsy (Bad Girls Club), bow out Omarosa (The Apprentice) Jen is here! Jen from Big Brother 8 has worked my nerves. Not only did she turn out to be the most annoying, arrogant, and self-centered heifer to hit the small screen, she dug her grave in the first episode in her crying scene over a bad picture taken of her. Now although Jen has made the same crying mistake twice, not yet at least, I felt she needed to make the list for the most ridiculous reason for water works yet! I really think she's the devil incarnate.


DC said...

You might be able to compete w/my love for reality TV.

Just wait until The Hills Season 3 starts, then life is beautiful. No So You Think You Can Dance? Or Making the Band 4 (We in the door!) ?

Kiddrae254 said...

I didn't even read this because you write too much. I am a designer with a very small attention span. You need to cater to my blogging needs!

Anyway the last chick is hot! What's her story?

Kiddrae254 said...

Yes, that would be fantastic!