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Save the Drama Fo Yo Llama

Ah, I love Facebook. I have friends in real life, really, I do. FB just makes it easier for me to stay in touch with friends without having to see them.

Har-dee-har-har (or as my fellow browners say "jajaja")

Totally joking.

But seriously, I have friends spread out all over and what a perfect way to stay so in tune with each other's goings on, but social networking sites?

Unfortunately, much like it's older, less sophisticated brother (Myspace), Facebook has been quite troublesome to me. Actually, it's not FB so much as it is some of the people on FB. In one of my earlier posts I mentioned a cousin getting upset because of a joke I made. Over the past several weeks it has continued, different people, same drama. I stay away. I made a vow to stay positive and not feed into the drama.

Here's why, in old school Picosita form...a LIST!

1) Cyber drama is usually instigated by passive-aggressive women who wouldn't normally have half of the guts it would take to make the same comments in real life. They let out tiny bits of frustration and anger through a comment/status update and in true passive-aggression add a :) or lol so you can't turn away and call them out on their absurdity because they we're just "jk'ing"

2) Cyber-drama queens come off as very bitter and angry individuals. I'm not bitter and it takes a lot for me to get angry. So why play the role?

3) It ruins relationships and the ones it doesn't ruin, it strains.

4) I have so much to smile about...so why should one negative remark become the description of who I am and what my life consists of? I feel like I'm selling myself short.

5) I hate even numbers so I gotta throw something else in the mix... My last... There are people everyday, all around you that love misery. They love to see you down and out, and they feel better about their empty lives when they see yours is less then perfect. So why make it easy on them? Pssh. Bump 'dat!

No worries though. This is just Facebook. I still plan on baring my soul via blog . It's my own little diary for all things good, bad, and ugly. it's my therapy. Besides, why spend money on telling someone your problems when there is shopping and brunching to take care of? Just sayin'...



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