Hubby should be in surgery for his knee any minute now. The lady next to him is telling her doctor she only smokes around 11-12 cigs a day and wonders why she'll need a breathing tube during surgery. Uh, doi.


Freedom Fest Frisco & FC Dallas

The 4th was great this year. We went out north to Frisco to check out the festivities there. Afterwards we headed to the FC Dallas vs Kansas City Wizards game (tied 1-1) and watched the fireworks show on the Pizza Hut Park field. Arturo Alvarez wasn't there...but I managed to keep myself entertained.

Joey humped the turf he loved it so much. I guess you would only understand if you grew up playing soccer on bumpy, West Texas ground.

I randomly ran into an ex. A somewhat serious one at a brief, particular time. He didn't see me. That's good. I just love how I run into people. He lives hours away (I think) yet for a split second he made a reappearance in my life. It was reason for me to once again be grateful to have what I have. It's going to be three years this Wednesday. Unfortunately, he'll be in surgery getting his knee fixed. Oh well, he's just always destined to feel pain on July 9th, huh?