Why I Love Frida

These snow/ice days have me swooning, really. I have time to work on things in the house, watch some Dexter, and paint. Money is still an adjustment so splurging on nursery things just isn't something I feel comfortable doing so instead I pulled my creative juices together and began to get to work. You can see the full extent of it all here.

One of the projects was to make some personalized baby Fridas. I love Frida Kahlo and could spend many a blog hour writing about her and how she inspires me. 

What I love about Frida...

I love her style.

Her colors, the accessories, her tradition. She was elegant, a trendsetter, and she did it with age old fashion.

I love her art.

I love how raw it is. I love the emotion behind it. I love the stories it spoke. I love that she never held back.

I love her love.

I love how she wore her heart on her sleeve. There were no limits to her love. She was passionate. She was rebellious. She lived in the moment. She was the lover of many and held no regrets. 


I want my daughters to be influenced by powerful women as well. I want them to read and learn about these women and find a desire within themselves to be leaders too. I hope one day they see me as one of those leaders and aspires to be like me. I want to be that mom, the one that does it all (and looks good doing it haha..)

little by little...

...they'll come to learn the things I've learned...

...about life, love, and passion...

...maybe they'll be little artistas as well...

I'll just be happy as long as they love...

Ah. These snow days have me spoiled. Sleep, art, and insight. Bring on the snow.

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