Weekend Review

What a great, but tiresome weekend. I ended the week on a bright note, several bright notes to be exact. It's seems that I've acquired some fans in the classroom. It was pictures galore on Friday. I usually get a couple a week, but received about a dozen in one day alone. I was feeling extra special.

Saturday, as you know, was meant for cleaning and entertaining guests. My husband's two best friends from childhood came to visit and we made a night of it. Sorry, no pictures. I may get some but probably won't post as, well, it was a crazy night. We started off with dinner and drinks at Grey Goose, and then made our way to Blackfinn where we stayed until closing. I've never had more fun singing and dancing to some of the most random music. It was a good night, a great night actually and I was happy to have such great friends to share it with. We expected it to be low-key but before we knew it the after party was at our place. Thank goodness I cleaned. My husband and I both needed the night out with friends desperately, and it showed.
Needless to say the traditional breakfast was not cooked when I woke this morning. When ever I have guests I always cook breakfast...we said goodbye to company at 5:00 a.m. so breakfast before 10 wasn't happening.
As soon as we woke we made our way over to Texas Stadium to see the undefeated Dallas Cowboys play the St. Louis Rams. The seats were the worst seats we've ever purchased but it didn't matter. We had a great view of Romo's fumble recovery and second career touchdown. The guy can really perform under pressure and it's great to experience this third-string, underdog story fold out into something great for the Cowboys.

The game was hot, we weren't feeling so great from the night before, and we ended up leaving in the fourth quarter. We went home and have been bumming ever since. I'm hoping when I wake tomorrow my energy will be replenished, and my legs will no longer be sore from the hours of dancing last night. We'll see what this week has in store for Picosita.
Have a happy Monday!


If cleanliness is next to Godliness

I guess I'm in a dirty sinner type of mood.

Not really.

I'm actually a cleaning Nazi...but so not feeling it right now. I have company that will be here in a few hours. I don't have much left to do, but could have been done a long time ago which would have given me time to buy more candles (curry anyone?) and lay out by the pool. I'm pasty and need a little color.

Anywho, done with my cleaning break, be back later!


Step towards strength

I'm in such a quirky mood.

There's so much I feel like I should be frustrated about, but I'm just...quirky.

I was a judge for our school's step squad auditions today, and well, some of these girls were pretty good. One thing I noticed was the differences between a strong stepper, and a weak one. The strong steppers were dominant, powerful, and every move was precise and confident. These girls looked straight ahead, kept their rhythm, and wouldn't waiver. The weak steppers were light on their feet, and shaky in their movements. If they didn't look distressed they were looking at each other. Every time they looked to their neighbor for more than 2 beats, someone got off track. After that, they questioned every move, got sloppy, and let the situation get the best of them. We would then make these girls step alone, with out their groups, and lo and behold, they too became more confident. Of course there were girls that just didn't know what they were doing, or lacked the natural rhythm to pull it off. Some of them just didn't practice. But it made me realize how thrown off our mark we get when we're basing our decisions on every one else. Sometimes, when forced to work alone, we get better results. No outside influence or persuasion, just you. Sometimes groups work well and produce stronger results when they have the right formula (i.e., every one pulls their own weight, works hard, and stays focused).
I have a student that has begged to be transferred into my 1st period art class and out of my 6th where he is now. He has determined the number of close friends he has in his current class is the reason he continues to get in trouble. That could be true to an extent. He knows if we go through with the transfer, all eyes will then be on him. Is it his friends, or is it his lack of self-control? Will he be able to really blame it on influence of those around him, or will he prove that he is the one that stirs the pot? I'm confident he'll be a better student, but there is something to be said about giving into influence. It follows us everywhere. I have another student that has to repeat everything another student says if that person got a laugh or attention. Every time he does this. I'm so over going a long with everyone. I'm done with the obligation of agreeing. Then again, I hate when people bend over backwards just to be different. I just saw the Boise State football stadium. Blue turf, are you serious? Don't be ridiculous when making a statement, (Britney Spears, Boise State), but don't just be a weak follower either. Just be honest. Just be you already.



Previous blogs, part me, part PMS.


I get so hormonal sometimes.

Yessi, the song was the best part of my day!!!!


So frustrated

As if everything that comes along as a first-year teacher isn't enough (minus my at times family issues) I now get to step-down as a hostess for a baby shower that means a lot to me. It sounds silly and shallow but I really wanted to be a part of this and well, I HAVE to be out of town for 5 days that week. It's not by choice, it's for my job and there's nothing else I can do. Despite my ridiculous schedule and new responsibilities this shower had been on my mind a lot and well, I just spent the last hour in tears over it.

Chalk it up to another bad day.


Adventures in a bookstore

I went to a five-year old's birthday party. I thought books were a safe way to go, educational, and fun (if you get the right books) and well, I'm pretty good at gifts. I ended up getting some interactive princess books (she's such the diva already) but found a couple of gems along the way.
This Office Space pack included Milton's red stapler, an Initech mug, and even some TPS reports! I don't work in an office anymore, but have to get this.

The second item is one that caught my eye instantly. I totally regret not picking this up to thumb through it, but as I was taking the picture some pimple-faced sixteen year old with a Barnes & Noble forest green polo was giving me the eye. What's up with Urban Babies mayne?

Always something

I never start a blog with a picture. I always write some fluff, and insert pic. This time the picture is very symbolic. A woman's refuge can be a number of things, sex, gossip, alcohol, religion, or...chocolate. I had a lunch meeting with some girlfriends about an upcoming baby shower we're hosting. Of course, there was a lot of catching up to do. I left lunch very surprised, touched, and...surprised. The collapsing tower of chocolate was beautiful and delicious...but still collapsing.

It seems two of my most fashionably fabulous single friends have met their match, for now at least. We never know how these things are going to go, but in so many ways it's perfect. These men are caring, supportive, and have never made these girls feel more comfortable in their own skin. Let me describe the girls. One, is radiant and bubbly. She is optimistic but doesn't not always see how beautiful she really is. The other, is an exotic beauty. She is independent and the poster child of caring and Christian. She is a traveler and cultured. These girls deserve the utmost happiness, and in two men they have found it. Great right?

Of course not. It's never that easy.

The first girl, has found companionship and feelings for a slightly older gentleman. Thirty-nine to be exact. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I can appreciate the older man on so many levels. I think it a lot of times, it's the way to go for many women. It seems the family is as supportive as a family can be when the girl is in her early twenties. He's going through some life changes (divorce) and has acquired along the way some remnants of those changes (children, two to be exact). Now, that's a lot to take in as the new girlfriend, but she is happy, so we'll see how it goes.

As for friend number two. She's older, twenty-seven, and has done more for others that she has ever done for herself. I can't even remember the last time she had a serious relationship, it's not her, I believe her responsibilities to her family has made it difficult to focus on much else. This new man in her life is a fairly recent addition, but she has muttered the "L" word for the first time. This is big news. What's the catch? He's Muslim. Yeah. Ouch. Again, not that there's anything wrong with that. I've researched the religion thoroughly and it's a beautiful belief system and lifestyle. Of course, like most belief systems, there are elements that I wouldn't necessarily support but I grew up in an old school Pentecostal home...I don't exactly take religion at face value. But as a devout Christian who volunteers on missionary trips and participates in church functions, dating a Muslim is not quite what she intended. It's definitely not what mom intended. I can't help but want to defend and support them in this. I've never seen her so happy, or so torn. I'm not crazy. I see the obvious obstacles that would make life so hard for them, but I also know how compromise can not only make you a better person, but help you live a more enriched life. I compromised with my Catholic husband, but Muslim? Different ballpark.

Why is it always something?

These girls deserve happiness. Why can't these men be good in life and paper? Isn't a part of accepting other's differences include these things? If as a society we can accept race, age, and religion, why is it so hard to accept when it hits home? The thing is, I feel they have accepted their mates differences, but will the family and friends that surround them allow them to fully enjoy this new addition? How does one respond? To each his own, but it's not always that easy.

I wish you gals luck.



Although there is a person in my life who may see me as so...read blog below...I know I'm not what I'm called. I would do anything for my family. What I wrote wasn't a song, or a poem, it was how I felt last night. I felt betrayed by someone I literally call a sister.

But that's okay.

When I left work this evening, it was 6:00 p.m., well after school was over. I had spent the extra time in meetings and grading papers. When I walked into the parking lot I saw many cars. Cars of teachers who had yet not called it a day. Most of them had been there since about 7:00 a.m., and many planned on being there quite awhile longer. I made my way out of the parking lot, took a picture of the cars..at least 25 or so, but it didn't do the subject of this blog justice. I went to Target, spent more money on my class, went home, ate, and spent the next three hours grading papers.

I'm exhausted.

I didn't spend my only free night grading because I'm working towards a promotion. Those teachers didn't work 12 hours days for extra commission. The whole act was self-less, but oh so fulfilling. Which leads me to wonder, why do the selfless take the brunt of the selfish? Why do those that work hard, only work hard because others choose not to?

It's quite frustrating.


Scheck it out

So I mentioned meeting up with a friend at Eatzie's for cold pasta and conversation, he's also quite the whiz with a camera (hence my new, less obvious profile pic). Scheck his page out here for pics of your's truly.


Colorful Surprise

After being cooped up in bed all day yesterday, (the gremlins from school got me sick), I decided I needed to get out today. I intended to go to the Dallas Museum of Art while the man was watching the game with some family, but headed out way too late. I made it out of my town home door around 3:45 and seeing how the DMA closes at 5:00 on Sundays, I realized with a 20 minute drive there, plus an extra 5 minutes for parking, and another 5 for walking, there wouldn't be much point in spending just an hour there. Knowing that, I headed towards Dallas anyway, thought I might head to Mockingbird Station. I decided to take my old route to my last office. I missed parts of Uptown and wanted a refresher. After exiting Oaklawn from I-35 I noticed a considerable traffic jam not usual for this area. Then I see what seems to be a parade, a colorful one if you will. As I've stated in previous posts, I'm from a smaller area, a smaller, very conservative area. A lot of what city life has to offer me is very different from what I know growing up in West Texas, but I'm a constant learner, and one of my favorite hobbies is people watching. The parade was festive and all kinds of personalities made an appearance. I didn't feel at all awkward standing alone, taking it all in. You would've never caught me out there some years ago, and although most of my morals and values have stayed intact - I love, appreciate, and respect the diversity of Dallas. The only awkward part was trying to take pictures without people knowing I was taking pics of them, (thus the pics from behind), but met a few girls who asked to get their picture made. Now, I'm not entirely sure the whole motive in introducing me to the group for picture time was exactly why I got called over, but I and walked a block or so with them.
The whole time I thought to myself, "What are you doing?" "You're such a punk!" "Should I say something?" "How pretentious are you, she's not hitting on you!" "Where are we going?" "I just wanted to take pictures!" "Are they going to get mad at me when I tell them I'm happily married to a man like the power lesbians did when Charlotte told them she was straight?!?"
I eventually stopped the trek to the park, apparently I was going to the park, when I offered to take the picture and make my way back from where they found me. We took the picture and made a quick verbal exchange of contact info to relay the picture to them. I then made my way over to Eatzie's where I met a good friend/fellow blogger, Hancey Pants, for a bite, conversation, and picture taking. I also had the joys of feeding garlic bread to some baby birds. It was a good afternoon.
Back to the girls...I gave them my Blogger address to contact me for the pic I took -there was no way I could remember the email address on my best day. So if you're reading this (Alicia?) I apologize if me being at this event may have been misleading, but you all seemed like a fun group of ladies, and I didn't know exactly what to do or say. I'm posting your pic for you to swipe off the page, and maybe we'll run into each other in the "LC" one day!


Uh, yuck!

There's nothing like picking up useless print materials when waiting to get seated somewhere for lunch. We were at Cantina Laredo in Addison with the fam (who was visiting this weekend) when I picked up a Dallas Observer. Now, this isn't exactly the pinnacle of great reading but they have a lot of live music info and reviews to offer. There was also a double truck spread about Tony Romo...anyway...I always feel dirty reading the Observer. I'm a small, West Texas town kind of gal from a strict Protestant background...I was feeling all kind of dirty this weekend. It didn't help that the night before we were at a friends watching a dvd of "Jose Luis" uncensored...

"Jose Luis" is the Spanish speaking version of Jerry Springer. Less talk, more fights, in fact, the audience is welcome to participate. The fights can get pretty intense. The women are the worst. They have fistfuls of each others hair and have mouths that would make sailors blush. But that's not what makes it so shocking. That would be the ripping of clothes and breast a'flyin all over the place. But no worries...unless you like to see "nalgas" running rampant, they aren't real lookers.

Back to the subject...

I always know when I read an Observer I can always find the seedy section in the back offering all kinds of "magical rubs," and "exploratory" offers. I like to read them out loud in the voices I think these professional skanks would sound like, I find it to be pretty amusing actually. These ads include their "in" and "out" prices, whether they perform with toys or not, and the exact measurements and amenities of their dungeons, yes, dungeons. They offer to fulfill your wildest fantasies, or maybe just a "lunchtime snack" if that is more your style. Sometimes "couples are welcome" and if you like sister on sister action, well, there's a couple waiting for your call.

Okay. I know. For most of my readers this is ridiculously gross and funny. I can't imagine how they file their taxes personally, or even sleep at night! (No pun intended)I can handle seeing the raunchy picture ("actual photo!!") I can even make light of it by impersonating them while reading their ads..but I can't go for this...


Ugh. So for the record, that's SO not me, Not that there would be any confusion..but..still. It was weird to see my name in bold, black print on this page. I'm way cuter (see "Big Head") and pfft. Please. My momma didn't raise no fool/skank.


Big head

I have a friend that calls me "big head" occasionally. I'm not sure if it's because I have a large head, if he thinks I'm into myself, or if it's just some random attempt to get a rise out of me but..I officially have a big head.
After countless Myspace friend requests and messages, a new contender has entered the building.

Dads hitting on me. One in particular. Let me explain.

Tonight I had my first "Meet the Teacher." I had about 50 parents show up which is really good. I had a ton say "I never come to these things but my son/daughter said I HAD to meet you," or "You're all he/she talks about!" Flattering ain't it? It made me feel good. Then, I see my favorite student, well, one of about 5 or so. We'll call him, Jimmy. Jimmy is adorable. He's short, a little chubby, and has these adorable pink cheeks. The cool thing about Jimmy is his style. He has great style. It's part hip-hop part punk rock. His hair is shaved at the front (with swirls on top), and the back and and top is spiked. I think it's called a "butt" or something like that...Anywho. He's adorable and he lights up my afternoon. So his parents come in along with others...

Mrs. McHottie (<
Jimmy: Mrs McHottie this is my dad, my mom, my dad's girlfriend, her son, and my brother.

Mrs. McHottie: Wow, you brought the whole family! That's great, happy to meet you all.

At this time I, Mrs. McHottie, precedes to meet more parents and then gives a presentation of her class.

After presentation and parents are walking out...

Jimmy's dad: Just in case Jimmy ever needs detention, I'd be more than happy to serve is time.

Mrs. McHottie (laughing nervously)

Jimmy's big brother (age 19 or so): No dad, she's more my age..I'll take her detention.

Jimmy is rolling his eyes. Mom and girlfriend laugh.

This continued for a few minutes. The family left, and I talked with some teacher friends. We walk out together. Most of parents have left by the time we hit the parking lot...so I thought. Jimmy's punk rock family is hanging near my car. The conversation starts up again.

Jimmy's brother: Remember you can call me ANYTIME if you need anything. I'll serve his detention.

Mrs. McHottie: Oh, well Jimmy is a great student, don't think he'll need detention.

Jimmy's brother: I'll do it anyway...Say, you like Coach bags? (he looks at my bag)

Mrs. McHottie: Well, yeah. I like this one.

Jimmy: Let me get you one.

Mrs. McHottie: (laughing nervously still) Nooo..that's okay. This one is good.

Jimmy's brother: Do you need a black one?

Mrs. McHottie: Maybe one day...I don't know...

Jimmy's brother: I'll get you one, and the matching shoes, what size do you wear?

Mrs. McHottie: Oh, you won't find my size.

Jimmy's brother: What size?

Mrs. McHottie: 5 1/2

Jimmy: I'll get you the purse AND the shoes.

Okay...So I laughed nervously the whole time thinking about how this was NEVER covered in New Teacher Academy..It was awkward and flattering all at the same time. Between the good teacher comments and the incessant flirting I couldn't help but get a slightly inflated head.

Couldn't help it.

I'm feeling a little hot :)



So I think I have OCD. I don't know, I could just be weird. I was listening to Kidd Kraddick on my way to work this morning (as usual) and they had their bit, "Does That Make Me Crazy?" Basically the premise involves listeners calling in and telling the morning show about their weird tendancies. The weirdest I've heard? Once this lady called in and said before she wakes up, to insure she is actually still alive and didn't die in her sleep, she gets out of bed by falling out. Roll over, thump. Every morning, on the floor just to make sure she isn't dead. Crazy right? Well, then you have your typical OCD people call in and this is what I relate to! For instance, when eating Skittles or M&Ms, I group them in colors. Every group should have one of every color and work their way down. So I may have two groups with all 5 colors, 1 with 4, 3 with 3 and so on. I eat the weak groups first, all at one time. Sometimes when I chew, I chew equally on both sides. When applying lip gloss, my top lip must be covered as many times as the bottom lip, altough I may occassionally make special consideration since my bottom lip is larger. When I brush my teeth I hum Happy Birthday. I heard that gives you a better indication of how long you should brush..but in order to brush all areas equally I break the song up into parts. Fours parts to be exact. One part for my front teeth, a part for each side (right and left), and the last for my tounqe. I also count things. I count ceiling tiles, windows, blind slots, and it kills me if I end up with an odd number.

But that's not where the weirdness ends.

There was a caller this morning who called in with another quirk of mine. In fact, she was also from my hometown. Are you ready?

I hold my breath when strangers walk by.

{Me, biting my lip, looking ashamed and embarrassed...)

{You, making a weird, scrunched up face, wondering why we're friends}

(You, again, now wondering if I've ever smelled you...)

Okay, back to the subject.

When people that I don't know walk by, I hold my breath so I don't smell them. I don't care if they look clean or not. I guess I had a smelly person experience and have been scarred from it, who knows. I especially hold my breath when old ladies walk by. There's nothing like the smell of moth balls and Shalimar to make you throw up in your mouth in the morning. As you can well imagine going to the mall on a Saturday is a beast. Luckily I can hold my breath pretty well..just not under water. And it's not obvious. In fact, I just told my husband about it a couple weeks ago. He had no idea, but I'm pretty sure he thinks I should be medicated.

Now, none of these things are something that alters my life or disrrupts it, so I think I'm okay. I don't know if it could be easily stopped, but who's it hurting anyway? I have the right to not smell anyone and I choose to exercise that right. So it's weird. Do you KNOW who's writing this blog? If you do, you may not be surprised. In the meantime, continue to check in and read, I may think of something else.


Crazy kids

More requests are now flooding in! What's a happily married gal to do?

In other news, my weekend left me relaxed and ready to go today. I'm starting to feel more confident about my presence in the classroom and my kids are a bunch of nuts!

Here are some answers I got on a getting-to-know-you type handout:

Tell me about your family:
- My mom cooks, cleans, and works, my dad is the lazy one.

What do you fear the most:
- Chinese people who know Kung Fu
- Ms Rod made me write terrorists instead of Iraqis who want to kill me, so, terrorists.
- God!!! And teletubbies.

Name three things about you:
- Tall, nice, rude (??? nice AND rude ???)

What would you do with a million dollars?
-Make and create new weapons. (I'm keeping an eye on this kid...)

If you could travel anywhere in the country where and why?
-China to become Chinese

What puts a smile on your face?
-Girls mayne!


I guess I found a winner

Ever since I changed my Myspace profile pic the random male friend requests have come by the dozen. No joke. You'd think I had my legs spread and my top was sheer! You pick a type of male, creepy, old, young, handsome...they love me all of a sudden. Now, I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know or know of, so I don't particularly care, but some get creative. I've had random messages, "Clever quote..got any more?" and the oogy population just keeps doubling in my life. There was this one guy who only has profile pics of frogs, but all his friends are super hot half naked women with their perfect bodies. I'm no where NEAR perfect but I can't say it's not flattering. Do I now fit the hot chick bill? After 27 awkward years? Probably not, it's just a good pic I guess, but I didn't even have to Photoshop it so occassionally it puts a smile on my face, even if I have to decline the request.

Tingly Sensation?

I found this Tingler Ring dispenser in the bathroom of a convenience store. I typically avoid these places at all costs but found myself at, uh, capacity on the road back home from my hometown. I needed a release, but don't worry, I squatted.
I can't imagine ever buying one of these things. Who do they make these things for anyway? I mean, it looks ridiculously painful and something that you would put around the neck of a rabid pit. If you're a masochistic freak this is for you. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have somewhat of a high pain tolerance...but that? Not going there! I think I'll spend my hard-earned 75¢ on a candy bar, thanks.


Visiting my roots

My trip back home has been a breath of...familiar, air. I made it in around 10 this morning, and went to straight to the church to help my mom with the meal she was putting together for the family of a shooting victim. It's tradition a meal is provided for the family after the funeral and burial. And as our family is close with this family, we volunteered to feed all 75 of them, which is actually small compared to the last funeral, almost double in size. I've also made it my own personal tradition to drive in and help my mom as it is the least I can do to pay my repsects.
I can't imagine what could have been going through the mind of the 14 year old that took the life of 38 year old father. Last year he was in middle school, this year, he is being charged with murder. I think whatever sentence he will be given will be better than what would've happend had the police not been the first to find him. The victim's family and friends are...more prone to take matters into their own hands. After the service, burial, and meal, we cleaned the reception hall and visited the inlaws where I got to hold a baby! Sigh!
After the day's activities, I made my way to Wal-Mart where I realized how somethings never change. I see familiar faces, go to the same restaurants when in town, and nothing ever changes. There was a slew of college boys with mom and dad shopping for dorm necessities, the same donuts for breakfast (health, right?), and the same bad drivers. I miss it occasionally, but don't know how I could ever move back. I've changed too much in the past year, and wouldn't even know where to begin if I ever returned.
So now I sit, in my parent's living room with my dad watching some redneck comedy show. My niece is drawing, and my mom, I have no idea what she's doing. It's going to be a quiet night, I should take advantage and hit the sack, but it's not often I can just sit and enjoy the company of my family like I use to every Saturday night. Tonight, going out is for suckers. I'm with the 'rents.