So frustrated

As if everything that comes along as a first-year teacher isn't enough (minus my at times family issues) I now get to step-down as a hostess for a baby shower that means a lot to me. It sounds silly and shallow but I really wanted to be a part of this and well, I HAVE to be out of town for 5 days that week. It's not by choice, it's for my job and there's nothing else I can do. Despite my ridiculous schedule and new responsibilities this shower had been on my mind a lot and well, I just spent the last hour in tears over it.

Chalk it up to another bad day.

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Caroline Kaufman said...

baby and momma both know how much you love them... and they know that the depth of you love is not realted to hosting a shower... your tears and sadness just go to show how special they are to you...so sorry you are sad.