Adventures in a bookstore

I went to a five-year old's birthday party. I thought books were a safe way to go, educational, and fun (if you get the right books) and well, I'm pretty good at gifts. I ended up getting some interactive princess books (she's such the diva already) but found a couple of gems along the way.
This Office Space pack included Milton's red stapler, an Initech mug, and even some TPS reports! I don't work in an office anymore, but have to get this.

The second item is one that caught my eye instantly. I totally regret not picking this up to thumb through it, but as I was taking the picture some pimple-faced sixteen year old with a Barnes & Noble forest green polo was giving me the eye. What's up with Urban Babies mayne?

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Kiddrae254 said...

The packaging for that Office book like awesome! Great gift!