Colorful Surprise

After being cooped up in bed all day yesterday, (the gremlins from school got me sick), I decided I needed to get out today. I intended to go to the Dallas Museum of Art while the man was watching the game with some family, but headed out way too late. I made it out of my town home door around 3:45 and seeing how the DMA closes at 5:00 on Sundays, I realized with a 20 minute drive there, plus an extra 5 minutes for parking, and another 5 for walking, there wouldn't be much point in spending just an hour there. Knowing that, I headed towards Dallas anyway, thought I might head to Mockingbird Station. I decided to take my old route to my last office. I missed parts of Uptown and wanted a refresher. After exiting Oaklawn from I-35 I noticed a considerable traffic jam not usual for this area. Then I see what seems to be a parade, a colorful one if you will. As I've stated in previous posts, I'm from a smaller area, a smaller, very conservative area. A lot of what city life has to offer me is very different from what I know growing up in West Texas, but I'm a constant learner, and one of my favorite hobbies is people watching. The parade was festive and all kinds of personalities made an appearance. I didn't feel at all awkward standing alone, taking it all in. You would've never caught me out there some years ago, and although most of my morals and values have stayed intact - I love, appreciate, and respect the diversity of Dallas. The only awkward part was trying to take pictures without people knowing I was taking pics of them, (thus the pics from behind), but met a few girls who asked to get their picture made. Now, I'm not entirely sure the whole motive in introducing me to the group for picture time was exactly why I got called over, but I and walked a block or so with them.
The whole time I thought to myself, "What are you doing?" "You're such a punk!" "Should I say something?" "How pretentious are you, she's not hitting on you!" "Where are we going?" "I just wanted to take pictures!" "Are they going to get mad at me when I tell them I'm happily married to a man like the power lesbians did when Charlotte told them she was straight?!?"
I eventually stopped the trek to the park, apparently I was going to the park, when I offered to take the picture and make my way back from where they found me. We took the picture and made a quick verbal exchange of contact info to relay the picture to them. I then made my way over to Eatzie's where I met a good friend/fellow blogger, Hancey Pants, for a bite, conversation, and picture taking. I also had the joys of feeding garlic bread to some baby birds. It was a good afternoon.
Back to the girls...I gave them my Blogger address to contact me for the pic I took -there was no way I could remember the email address on my best day. So if you're reading this (Alicia?) I apologize if me being at this event may have been misleading, but you all seemed like a fun group of ladies, and I didn't know exactly what to do or say. I'm posting your pic for you to swipe off the page, and maybe we'll run into each other in the "LC" one day!


Kiddrae254 said...

Haha nice! Use which ever ones you want!

yessi said...

awesome! I got used to hanging out by myself while I was in Dallas (er, Arlington) too. So many interesting things going on all the time...

I'm glad you're feeling better! My pink eye is all gone =)

pie said...

I was in front of the Rosemont hotel during the entire parade....the one on the corner of Oak Lawn (where you took some of those pics.) How did we miss each other?