Puppy love, lost

Today has been hard. Besides hearing news on one of my kids losing his dad to a bullet in the head, and having a girl cry in my arms because she had to testify against her dad in court over molestation charges earlier, I come home to find that someone close to my heart had died.
It's hard to talk about, and I don't even want to hear anyone else even bring it up. It's hard because I never thought this would be so hard. We rescued a dog a week before mother's day. My mother in law had a dachshund, but wanted another, so I really pushed the family in getting her one for the special day. I spent two straight days researching, and locating the perfect dog. We found him, adopted him, and brought him home. He was with us shortly, but this little guy never had a family, so he bonded instantly, as did I. I remember bringing him home vividly. He was the best. It was like he was home..he came in and went straight for the chair where he sat and played with a toy Snoopy we had for him. He didn't hesitate to crawl into bed with us, and the frequent trips outside to potty were hardly bothersome for me. Just the idea of handing him over was hard, but I knew he wasn't mine.
I'm not going to lie. I cried on the way to Abilene, I cried when we arrived, and I cried for days and days after we came back, without him. I remember when I left him for the first time we followed me outside on his leash. He sat on the lawn and had a look like he had no idea why I was leaving. After returning home I would call my mother in law to check on him like a new mother would with the babysitter on her first night out. When I talked to my mother in law, she said he was just spending a lot of time out in the front yard. I was determined he was waiting for us to come back, and it made me feel like I abandoned him. After time, it became easier...when we would visit, he would get so excited. After awhile he was beginning to catch on that my mother in law was his owner, his mom, but there was always a special bond there.
I was able to spend a lot of time with him during Thanksgiving, and I'm especially thankful for that. He was so playful, and loved everyone - even if they couldn't appreciate what a great dog he was. He was high maintenance, ALWAYS wanted to play, but throwing a ball for him to catch was easy work, and he never grew bored of it. He was good with the kids, they loved him, heck, even the mailman liked him.
There's a lot I'm going to miss about him. I can't believe I'm one of those people that let it affect me so. I use to make fun of the animal lovers, but he was family. Christmas will be sad without him. When I received the call I was at the store, with Christmas dog biscuits, and rawhide bones in the cart for his own Christmas stocking. He never got have his first Christmas - but glad he had a family that loved him as much as he did.
I can't explain how I feel right now - but now I know why dogs are so special. God created them to be our company, to make us smile, and love us unconditionally. I will miss that love.


In the Car

I meant to blog more while back home. I meant to take more pictures too. I decided since half of my pictures are taken while in the car, then this would be my "In the Car" series. The photos aren't meant to be interesting, or even good, rather it gives a small glimpse of my 5 days back home from my point of view, literally.

In the car I encountered snow. Snow is pretty uncommon in Abilene, so it was a nice surprise.

In the car the snow became a problem when I could barely scrape it off my windshield.

In the car I was amazed I was up so early for Black Friday. Black Friday was the shiz this year, even if I celebrated in West Texas.

In the car I bought donuts during my 7 a.m. Black Friday half-time.

In the car I visited family.

In the car I arrived at the best burrito spot ever. Viva La Popular - you are desired always.


Cowboys vs Redksins

While the games at Texas Stadium are always fun - tailgaiting and people watching before kick off tops my enjoyment list. The grill did it's job, and our first attempt at a real tailgate was a success. The fans were ridiculous, on both ends of the fan spectrum. Heaven forbid you be a Redskin fan! While the guy in the video got some crap, it's nothing compared to the other things we heard on the walk to Texas Stadium.
Once there, the game was one that made me more nervous then expected. T.O. was the star with FOUR, count 'em FOUR touchdowns and 170+ yards. Needless to say when I asked these "not-so-avid-anymore" foreskin, er, REDskin fans to take a picture for me, they were less then enthusiastic. The girl in the aisle seat REALLY didn't appreciate it! That's okay sister, you can use that finger to tell everyone back home that's how many games we've lost this year! That's right baby, 9 and 1!

Galveston - The Beach

So I'm aware that there are much prettier beaches than Galveston, but coming as someone who can't even remember her first experience at a beach I have to say I fell in love. I can't wait to make it out to Cali this Summer. We were indecisive between NYC and Orange County (we have family there) but now I think I have been persuaded by the surf and sand to switch my vote to the west coast. Although I could spend endless days on the beach, living there would not be something I would pursue. Looking at all the beach homes on stilts and storm shutters made me wonder how they must dread hurricane season. There seems like there would be such an uncertainty to the stabilty of your living situation, especially now that mother nature has had quite the wild hair...but the view would be incredible to wake up to every morning.

Galveston - Spray Paint Artist

This was my first spray paint artist experience. This guy was out there all day, blaring some electronica, and painting some mystical masterpieces in about 5 minutes or less, for $20 a pop. Although the end result isn't my style, the guy has some major talent as had orders lined up for hours in advance. There's supposedly a lot of these type of artists in Mexico and it's starting to make it's way more prominent here.

Galveston - Downtown

We were able to enjoy some time in Downtown Galveston. The historic, laid-back atmosphere was a great way to wind down after the hustle and bustle of getting settled into as many workshops as possible. There was a lot to look at, horse rides, old buildings, and a cigar shop Indian that reminded me of Seinfeld. I would "definitely head back there. The people were friendly, and the shopping was great.

Galveston - The Art

Better late then never right? He is some of the student work featured at the conferance. A couple of these are just detail shots, and the last couple are some projects we worked on at a Klimt style scratchboard workshop.



Internet access! Not sure whether I'll get pics up tonight, or even write. We'll see. I've lost my voice (deathly ill) and have no energy. It was a great trip and can't wait to make a pleasure trip to Galveston!

On my way home...

On my way home...


Day 3

Still in class, did the beach thing, still no internet - just my phone!



Free stuff, caricatures, and great art, oh my!

Conferance Day 2

Wifi down in crappy hotel, so no day 1 pics! In a Photoshop class!



I got a TON of grading done, cleaned the house, shopped for groceries and the Cowboys won! Good day. As we grilled some burgers and watched the pre-game I learned that the Cowboys have only beat the Eagles in Philly once in 7 or 8 years or so. It was then I reminded of that one game they won. It seems we were living in San Angelo at the time, the Cowboys we're down, and I was determined they would lose so I went to sleep. I was also reminded of a small wager I made with my husband - I was sure the Cowboys wouldn't pull it off, and then a play by Roy Williams changed it all. Of course, I didn't know this until my husband screamed so loud I could hear him clear across the house and woke me up! Let's just say wagers involving "grown-folk acts" will not be made anymore. I'm just glad Dallas came in and killed leaving no doubt for a great win.

How about that no-helmet Whitten??


Oh no she didn't!

Just when I thought UGGS made me wretch, this girl sported the Doc Martens!


All I have

Is this pic...I'm still trying to not have my face plastered all over this blog - despite the homecoming post that I've edited since! I'm waiting on better pictures from Halloween..but this will do for now. Better pic of the hair will come when I have a decent one. Halloween was fun this year, the first dress up I've done in a long time. We've talked about going places, getting dressed up and end up changing our minds. This year was different. We spent a night out, with some of my old high school acquaintences. I can't really say friends, because I did'nt get a long with about half of the people there. Once they got to know me, and vice-versa, it never really made sense that we were never friends, so overall the night was interesting. I saw a lot of funny costumes, and of course mine are the ones that you can't really find in the store. My favorite had to have been "Dora the Whora" - complete with prego belly and Dora Condom Lollipops!

The Chippendale dancer that recited songs from Breakin' was pretty funny as well...David and Victoria Beckham turned out to be a hit. Getting the hair cut, the sassy outfit, and an even tan made me feel super girly. Yes, My name is Picosita, and occassionally I hit Planet Tan. I know, I'm Mexican, but I've got tan areas, and, uh, not so tan areas and this little Latina likes to be evened out so....yeah. Here are some pics.