Internet access! Not sure whether I'll get pics up tonight, or even write. We'll see. I've lost my voice (deathly ill) and have no energy. It was a great trip and can't wait to make a pleasure trip to Galveston!

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hairy potter said...

tabletop wheels usually require one to throw while standing, which is a VERY hard way to learn. they have very weak motors, but school kids generally aren't throwing large amounts of clay, so thats probably not an issue. honestly i've never used one, but all that i have seen have been pretty crappily constructed and designed. i probably wouldn't buy them for a school because i question their durability, but if you are looking for something to toy around with at home, i'd say go for it. potters wheels are always easy to sell if you want to give it up or upgrade. you should see if you can find one by either "brent" or "creative industries." if you can't shoot me the brand names and i'll check them out for you.