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Is this pic...I'm still trying to not have my face plastered all over this blog - despite the homecoming post that I've edited since! I'm waiting on better pictures from Halloween..but this will do for now. Better pic of the hair will come when I have a decent one. Halloween was fun this year, the first dress up I've done in a long time. We've talked about going places, getting dressed up and end up changing our minds. This year was different. We spent a night out, with some of my old high school acquaintences. I can't really say friends, because I did'nt get a long with about half of the people there. Once they got to know me, and vice-versa, it never really made sense that we were never friends, so overall the night was interesting. I saw a lot of funny costumes, and of course mine are the ones that you can't really find in the store. My favorite had to have been "Dora the Whora" - complete with prego belly and Dora Condom Lollipops!

The Chippendale dancer that recited songs from Breakin' was pretty funny as well...David and Victoria Beckham turned out to be a hit. Getting the hair cut, the sassy outfit, and an even tan made me feel super girly. Yes, My name is Picosita, and occassionally I hit Planet Tan. I know, I'm Mexican, but I've got tan areas, and, uh, not so tan areas and this little Latina likes to be evened out so....yeah. Here are some pics.


Chemical Robotiks said...

Its good you decided to dress up for Halloween. thats the best part about it. I wish everyday was Halloween

yessi said...

ooh you're got the ergo hobo! hehe I'm a little obsessed with Coach purses. I'm thinking about getting an ergo myself... chocolate on chocolate signature... yeahhh I know I'm stupid.

and I don't know where those scratches came from! I hadn't even noticed them until I took that picture.

your costume was awesome. and I totally feel you on the mixed tan parts HA! Except I do it the old fashioned way, soaking up good ol' cancer rays by the pool.

yessi said...

OH! hahaha I didn't realize you were concerned about THOSE parts being tanned evenly... I mostly just want all my appendages to be the same color =P

Kiddrae254 said...

Nice feets!

Brint Richter said...

Wierd/Cool pics.