Hair today, gone tomorrow

I forgot to mention my recent haircut. It was part me needing a change, and part me being totally dedicated to the Victoria Beckham role I played for a Halloween party. It's cute, really. It's pretty short. I went from using two hands to twist the water out of my longer locks before stepping out of the shower to quickly grasping for hair, and realizing now I must pinch the excess out of the newer, shorter style. It's not as easy to Chi as I thought, but it's about the same amount of style time as before. The only thing is...when I left the super cute, lofty salon in the more urban Deep Ellum, I felt trendy and confident with my throw back New Kids tee. Once I got to work, in my crisp slacks and high necklines...I felt, conservative and aged. During "laundry time," there was less to tousle and...play with. So the jury may still be out, but for the most part I'm expecting a positive verdict. Pic to come soon.


Anonymous said...

Where is the pic of your new do?

Kiddrae254 said...

Your hair is always on point. I wanna see I wanna see I wanna see!!!!!!!!