Procrastination, at it's best!

I'm so tired, had a few things I needed to do before bed, so why is it that I've been online for 2 hours??? Not to mention most of it was on (gasp) Myspace! I hardly spend as much time on there lately since I've fallen in love with Blogger! Tomorrow will be a long day, and it starts and ends with meetings and detentions - but before we know it, Friday will be here, and I'll be a day closer to the Halloween parties I've yet to have a costume for.

We're thinking David and Victoria Beckham...I can do the hair and the dress...but how in the world can I make myself look starving???


Kiddrae254 said...

Hahahahaha... Imma tell Victoria u said that and David is gonna kick your ass. Literally.

Christina said...

Hahaha - too funny about the costumes! I think I may go as a sexy nun or something, hahaha!

Brint Richter said...

I haven't had a chance to look at your stuff. I've been so busy, with a ton of new stuff going on in my world. I will blog and let everyone know, and I think I might have to block off about 4 hours to catch up on your blog. Heading to Vegas on Thursday!!!!