Restaurant observations

Joey doesn't like it when I take pictures of strangers...if they're drunk, they have it coming, but I've been requested put away the camera during dining experiences. Last Friday we were at the Olive Garden when we saw the most unusual looking couple walk in. She was busting out of a low slung halter with more muffin top than top if you know what I mean...and he, well he was straight up thug-like. The fact that I think I saw her nip didn't interest me as much as the guest requesting to borrow the cellphone of a waiter! It wasn't even his waiter and he asked to borrow his phone! I thought that was completely random and wanted to shoot away but my significant other said no.

I can live with that.

What bothered me happend last night. And it is something that bothers me quite often. We were at KFC (yeah, because I didn't want to cook, whatevs) and as we sat I noticed one of the workers working away. He was emptying trash, throwing it out, wiping down tables, sweeping, you name it. What bothered me was the fact that this man had to be over the age of 65. This makes me sad. Now, this man could be loaded. He could be loaded and enjoy the company. He could be financially comfortable and just still loves working. Who knows? But I had a feeling that wasn't the case. I don't know his situation..it could be anything, but I can't help but feel bad for a guy that probably worked hard his whole life only to spend his golden years sweeping after me and only making a little over $5 and hour to do it. I see this a lot, and it breaks my heart little by little every time I do. This kind of crap makes me so frustrated with our government and our social security problems. Now, I'm not trying to take some political stance only to be counter-acted by some goon that just looks for blogs they can disagree with. I'm not looking for a challenge or "did you think maybe he..blah blah blah..?" No. I just feel bad. I wonder if he has a family. I wonder if he's healthy, happy or alone and working check to check? I feel bad. I feel bad every time I see this. I feel guilty and want him to sit down while I clean or take out the trash. I guess I'm old-fashioned. I feel like we should be here to take care of our elders, I feel like they've done their jobs, now they should rest.

Maybe the remnants of my PMS still lingers, maybe I'm just soft. Either way, I'll be thinking of this man, and feeling like crap.


yessi said...

LOL I see couples like the muffin princess you talked about ALL THE TIME in St. Louis! I wonder if there is a website where they hook up?! "Broke thug wannabe looking for nipple-bearing bad weave job, please leave a message on my cousin's cell phone"

Kiddrae254 said...

Was it Ice-T and Coco???

Poor old man, shoulda made better decisions as an adult. At least he has a job though....