Dallas vs Patriots (I'm not pissed...)

Luckily the game was a 3:00 game which would allow us sometime to get there early, and check out the tailgating scene. The fans were out in full force, and not just Cowboy fans! I'd have to Sunday's game was a close mix (40/60 in favor of Dallas).

On the way to the stadium we saw a plethora of screaming, trash-talking fans, port-a-pottys, and garbage. Some garbage cans had spirit.

...others were overflowing with alcoholic remnants.

One of my favorite things about these games are the signs...I never got to make one after all, but enjoyed the ones I got to see.

I enjoyed the whole game, win or lose. Here are a few highlights from the pretty good seats we scored: The Cowboys taking a knee in the end zone in prayer before the start...the old man next to me that would say "Shit!" and "Dammit!" like, every other minute...seeing the all-time GREAT Michael Irvin in that snazzy yellow jacket addressing Texas Stadium after his induction into the hall of fame.

Oh, and the guy in front of me who videotaped the cheerleaders during every dance routine! Creepy....


Jeff said...

I was on the floor with the "PATS HOME" garbage can. That is GENIUS!

That game was amazing! I'm neither a Cowboys or Patriots fan but I loathe the Patriots as I'm a JETS fan.


I was hopin' them boyz would of taken care of the Pats...

Oh well...Heck of a game tho!

Oh yeah.... before I forget..

Anonymous said...

I love the pics! Especially the one of the trashcan. That pic summed up how I felt this morning.

Christina said...

I just started the blog :)! Oh and I thought you didn't get tickets to the Patriots! Man - looks like it was fun. Was a pretty good game until the very end, blagh! Aren't you going to a Skins game too?