So Accomplished

I've done everything I set out to do before my weekend trip for my 5 year college reunion/homecoming! I finished my alternative certification module, cleaned up, graded a TON of papers, got several pieces matted and competition ready for my kiddos...add Joey doing some laundry and we've had a successful week! Seriously. I was running out of my regular, er, undergarments and was having to result to the "fun" stuff. I mean, 98% of my, uh, stuff is fun...but I was down to crazy, wedding-night fun...stuff. I've said too much...but you get the point, I've been getting down to the wire! Tomorrow night is my night to relax, and get packed. I'm taking a half-day on Friday to head out and take my niece to a carnival on my old college campus, after that awaits a tightly packed schedule. Two things before I get in the shower...
We had a boy admit to bringing a knife to school today and threatening that he would stab a student. Ugh. He's one of mine. There's major issues there, and I'm honestly not too surprised. I hope he gets help and that this is the worst to come.
Secondly, I sliced my finger pretty bad today at school. It looks worse than it feels. Can you say "hanging meat?" Luckily it doesn't seem that stitches are necessary..but then again that came from a school nurse who took an an hour and forty five minutes to actually see me! I spent the first part of my morning teaching my class with a bloody hand in the sink! I was supposed to get my nails touched up tomorrow, but fear they won't be gentle so it may be a no-go :( I'm becoming high-maintenance again...another blog for another day.
Okay, so I said two things so I'm leaving it at that. Off to wash the bod from the filth that is life and kids that are not my own!


Caroline Kaufman said...

busy bee...sounds like you are all ready to go... I have had to cancel our trip... i am sick but mostly lanie is puking...YUCK... have fun for me!

Hol&J said...

Have a great time girl! We aren't able to go this time around, but I already told you that. ;)

Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

Chemical Robotiks said...

lol. i can definitively send you an Andrew sticker

Jeff said...

OMG! That's terrifying! What is going on with kids now a days?? Bringing knives to school??

I hope you didn't cut yourself with the knife the kid had.