Love - unscripted.

There was something I failed to mention about my trip.

As I was dealing with a situation of my own, I spent sometime, lent an ear, and talked to a cousin that was having some love issues. It seems we let ourselves get lost in relationships. We either get too involved in our significant other, or we don't get involved enough. There's a happy medium somewhere, but it involves thinking outwardly, and not just within ourselves.

Life hands us some sticky situations, especially in love. Sometimes people never really know how much love and devotion is in their heart for that special someone...sometimes it's too late. Other times we make mistakes that result in a lifetime of regret. I don't want to have regrets, and I don't want to never know how much I really am loved.

It's not always easy, but somewhere, there's that silver lining of hope.

I don't ever want him to doubt my heart's true devotion.