About Picosita

I'm 30, but look 21. 

I can be a hot mess, thus the blog.

It's my sanctuary, my refuge when I need to vent.

Sometimes I don't even gripe. 

Sometimes I ponder.

Sometimes I write about music.

I love music.

I love art.

I actually teach art, and design.

This is fairly private.

I want to be able to share openly.

I don't want to be judged.

So if I led you here, I like you.

My name isn't Picosita.

It's another effort towards anonymity.

It came from this guy:

That's my grandpa.

He said I was "Pequena pero picosa"

I'm small but spicy, like a pepper.

I'm also like an onion.

I have layers.

Read as I peel away.