Beckham a no-show...

...and Dallas area fans are upset. I agree with Travis Bell, FC Dallas fan club president who stated earlier, "The people who are only buying tickets because of one player are getting what they deserved." Although we purchased our tickets knowing we could potentially see David Beckham, the fact that he will not make it due to his ankle issues does not make me any less excited to attend the game tonight. There are many fans upset, and wanting a refund. Ticket sales for this game have been the highest the Dallas franchise has ever seen, and rightfully so to a certain extent. Here's my view on the situation and why I'm not the least bit upset:

1) We are FC Dallas fans and shouldn't need any other reason or incentive to watch and support them.

2) Galaxy is a great organization and team who will give us a great game tonight regardless of whether Beckham is on the roster or not.

3) He is not the greatest soccer player the world has ever seen, he's not even the greatest player around. I'd rather see Maradona's fat @ss on the bench drinking a beer and snorting a line.

4) The only reason Beckham is here is for more playing time (if he was that incredible of a player he wouldn't be playing for Galaxy, he would still be in Europe) and for a possible career in Hollywood. Ugh, Not looking forward to his cinematic debut.

5) He is not that cute ladies, really. I'm so over his overly, sexually charged, racey pictures already.

6) His wife? Super cute and super funny, but still needs a stick to prop her neck up straight (it annoys me).

7) Landon Donovan will still be there, who in my eyes, is DREAMY!

So my conclusion? I'm going to the game. I'm screaming my head off for Dallas, and I'm making the best of it, pouring rain and all. I will follow Landon everywhere with my camera zoom and have some incredible booty shots to show off tomorrow! Move over Beckham, Donovan is still my fave!

Oh, and Go Dallas!

Read the story here.



I love Seinfeld. In fact, I was telling a friend last week how every day there is an element of my day I closely compare to that of Seinfeld episode. For instance, there's an epi where Jerry realizes he is even-Steven. Every time something bad happens, there is something positive that counter acts that and makes it even. If he loses twenty dollars, he finds a forgotten twenty buried in the pockets of a coat. Even-Steven. That's what I feel like right now. Anytime I receive good news, there's always a catch or something else going on that counter acts the good. It usually comes at times when I need it least and prevents me from even enjoying the good news I had received. As if there isn't enough going on with the move, this job situation, my parents, and potential death of my car, now I get to add a ultra sensitive cousin to the batch. Although he doesn't worry me, his words and actions get the whole fam in a frenzy and I get called in to, uh, clean things up a bit. Things are now cleaned up, all fires and potential fires have been extinguished, but when will I get my moment? When I get to fully enjoy everything that is going around me? When will I stop investing all my time and energy into other people's problems? I know where I get my worrisome nature and anxiousness from, but how do I get rid of it, or at least learn when to shut if off and on? Is it possible to stop being even Steven?
Why can't the bad just be bad, and the good leave good enough alone?
Better yet, when will I stop asking myself questions during my self-reflective blogging time? Haha. I guess that's a writing ditch of mine. I'm not a writer really so who cares? Again, with the questions.
Well, on a good note, something may follow through this week. I'm not totally sure so no details as of yet. Stay tuned and hopefully I'll have something more interesting to report tomorrow. The bad news? I can't runaway from everything else.


The Con

So excited. I took a brief break from the daily grind to purchase the new Tegan and Sara cd, The Con, at Cd World. There's not too much they (Tegan and Sara) could have done to disappoint me in this album, they are a favorite of mine. The addiction has started. The sound is more mature then previous albums and Chris Walla's influence is definatley recognizeable in many of the tracks. This further increases my excitement for their show at the House of Blues in November.


Why thank you compliment machine!

Read this for more info about a Compliment Machine a D.C. artist created. This read and white box randomly gives compliments to passerbys. What would you want your compliment to be? What would I want the compliment machine to tell me? Hmm. I'll get back to you.

Can you tell I'm bored?

Cute picture of the week

Don't tell me this isn't adorable! The world's largest, and smallest horse, together at last! You can read the picture caption here.

We really are "Play Now"

This was one of our assignments yesterday, to create a piece of art using a Lite Brite for a show our company is sponsoring. Fun times.

The cat tolls for thee

The first thing I do every morning is check my Yahoo! email account. They always have these weird little stories I usually enjoy reading. This story is particularly creepy. It's about cat that predicts when a nursing home patient is about to die! In 25 proven cases Oscar, the cat, snuggles up with patients hours before their passing. The patients and families are comforted in this, but what if you had no idea you were that close to death and Oscar makes an appearance? How freaked out would you be? Of course if you were in a nursing home you are not the farthest from death, and since he is on the dementia wing of the facility, the patients may not even realize what the symbolism in his presence means. But what if they do? Would they succumb to tradition, give up all hope and fight when they see the furry grim reaper and die? Does that make Oscar a Kevorkian cat? Okay, I'm playing, but it calls for much questioning. The cat meows and paces in frustration when taken out of the patients room. That's a creepy cat.



Change is in the air, I can feel it. It's so congested in my mind right now. And it's not just one place, it's everywhere, at home, at work. Change is good though isn't it? I hate have things loom over my head like this. I'm not a patient person, and not knowing what's going to happen is killing me! Thus, the "AGH!"


Two steps forward, one step back

I think I'm in hormone overload. Unfortunately for my two, faithful male readers, they won't understand. I'm still needing a slightly irrational female to start chiming in because the topics lately have been much more estrogen friendly. I don't know if it's three months of hormones making me this volatile, but something's got to give. It seems when a euphoric experience occurs, down the road is a Debbie Downer moment just waiting to happen. I am my own Debbie Downer (cue: wa-wa-wah!) I don't mean to be, but these feelings and emotions have just been coming out lately, and old wounds are harder and harder to heal. I feel like this blog is supposed to help. I experience, live, struggle and attempt to record it as a means of expression and self-medication. Feedback is only an added bonus. I do this for me, and not readers. I was asked once what my purpose for this blog was and then, I really didn't have one. Now, I see it as a documented journey of my life and all of the particulars that seem to make my emotional headlines. It's an opportunity for self-discovery and improvement, with a few random accents that include weird news, pop culture and current events. I'm clearly not one dimensional. But in this journey I should see improvement right? Shouldn't I be able to recognize the problems, and start finding my way towards the solution? I think so, but in my case the solution part isn't even coming close to happening. It seems I have more issues than I anticipated. I'm still finding my flaws, and emotional insecurites. They are stacking up, and I will have a lot to work on. Granted, I think I may have an excuse on why it's ridiculous right now (see: irregular periods which make for 3 months of nothingness, and then boom, I need meds and a transfusion..sorry guys), but overall I'm a mess. Maybe therapy wasn't such a bad idea.

Dang Pootie!

Check this spectacle out.
Third row, third pic and fourth row, first pic.
And here.
Second row, third pic.
Fifth row, third pic.
I can't do anything anymore. Pfft.

Looking for green on both sides

So earlier today I was browsing Myspace, checking out people in my hometown in general. Now, Abilene holds a very special place in my heart and it always will. My family, a few friends, my church and my memories are all there — I'm the first to defend when people complain about the town. But after going through these profiles (of complete strangers..I was browsing in general, not going through my friend's list) what I saw wasn't a good reputation of what I remember and love about my hometown. I noticed this also when we went out to The Warehouse, a new, "trendy" up and coming venue in Abilene. It was dissappointing and I can't say why because I don't know exactly. But I have no desire to go back. The people are different, there's quality people there, but I haven't been running into them much. I feel the same way a lot about Dallas - just in different way. I think many people in Abilene settle for less than what they are capable of - and many people in Dallas think they're better than they are. There are good lives to be lead on both ends - whether you live there, or here, but I guess it's all perspective. I want to retain the humility and good neighbor mentality that Abilene instilled in me, but have the drive and experimental opportunities you find in the city - minus the naiveity, minus the pretention.


Punched in the gut

Random title I know, but are you familiar with that feeling. Do you know what it's like to get the wind knocked out of you emotionally..to the point if where it's physical? You loose your breath, and it's like time isn't standing still, but you are, and you can't move. Something I've desired for a long time dropped into my hands last night, and was taken back. It was there long enough for me to get excited, and to anticipate the possibility of what could come. A chance. For a brief moment, I had, a chance. I can't explain how I felt, but the eternal pessimist in me doubted it, and for good reason, because it was taken back. Of course, I allowed it. I had to. This isn't one of those things that just affects you, and well, I want it so badly, that I'm willing to hand it back until I don't feel alone in it. It's like getting a lottery ticket after the drawing and checking your numbers, and finding out you won. You start to plan, get excited, and can't sit still emotionally. But then you ask someone to check it, to make sure you're not going crazy — only to find out, those were yesterday's numbers. It would've been better had you not check them at all. It's worse getting high hopes and having to be let down, then not getting excited about anything period. The thing is, I feel alone in this and don't understand why. I don't understand how this isn't embraced by those that should be embracing it. I don't understand why not now? How many times will I have to see fullfillment around me only to have it so far in my distant future that it doesn't even register on the map? I guess I need a hug, or an apology, or both, from someone. Someone that understands, or someone that doesn't understand, but is empathetic. Someone that spoke to soon, and gave me false hope owes me an explanation, or at least a simple "I'm sorry."


Unproductive so far

So I've had incredible back pain all day and hoping it's not another bout of kidney stones. Worst feeling ever. I didn't get any packing done, just laid on my back..and not in the amusing way. My husband's sister, her husband, and his brother came in to stay with us for the night as two of them have to make an early flight to Arizona tomorrow morning. We ate at Mia's for dinner and headed back to the apartment to watch some really bad television. The guys headed out to watch some pay per view fight and we went to Braum's and stuffed our faces with some ice cream. So now we're here, watching one of the funnier SNLs I've seen, it's a re-run of the Christmas 2007 with Justin Timberlake. Aah...can't get enough of him as guest host. Let's face it, who can top "Omeletville" and "D!ck in Box?" Actually, in honor of that..here's the vid.

So Much for My Diet

So Much for My Diet

Did I mention?

I have a new nephew? I think I did, but didn't post any pictures...here's one for now. Nothing special, but I saw a different person in my brother in law this past week, and well, it was sweet. I'll have better pictures of baby Gavin soon, but for now, this will suffice.


What the deuce?

I guess half naked advertising strategies aren't just for the men! I quickly pulled out the digital yesterday while on MacArthur Blvd. in my future home of Las Colinas, or as we call it, the "L.C.," when I saw this. These guys we're in the median of a pretty busy street trying to get people to tan at Planet Tan across the street. But something tells me this doesn't attract as many pasty girls as it does eager boys....great place to get your tan on though.

What a party!

Too tired to be creative and write a wonderful description of last night's events but here are a few mentionables and some not so great pics, but they will do!

Hmm, let's see: GREAT food (I actually had a spicy cheesecake with red bell pepper sauce), free drinks duh, entertainment consisted of some great bands, a dj, some provacatively dressed dancers, a naked girl, a girl on a ring, a scary green guy on stilts, a juggler/jester, a cute morning show radio personality, girls dressed in gold bikinis on roller skates, beautiful people of course (Dallas IS home of the beautiful people), and a photobooth. I'm sure there was more that I missed, we spent most of the night acting a fool on the dance floor. Can't wait until next year!

Gold skaters

Me, Pat (D and People General Mgr.), Adriane (Designer), Allison and Christina (Photographers)

Carrie (Sales rep), Judy (her friend), Me & Adriane

Jason (Adriane's boyfriend) and the creepy green guy

Ring girl

Aww, the esposo and I

Carrie, Judy (her friend), Me & Adriane

Judy, JC from Kidd Kraddick in the morning), myself and Carrie (she's dating a Dallas Cowboy lucky girl!)

Naked girl!

I'm starting my diet tomorrow.

Great band


Unfit mothers

Yesterday I was reading about an Oak Cliff mother that left her baby son with her live in boyfriend while at work and now the boy is in grave condition in the hospital. There are no details except that foul play is involved as the boyfriend's story doesn't match the the injuries. (Read the story here). Now this morning I get an email about a similar but deadlier situation in Ohio. Once again some mother that probably has no business having custody of a child is letting her boyfriend watch her 18 month old son. The boyfriend, 18, get's frustrated with the little boy during his toilet training and throws him against the wall. The little boy had sheet rock stuck to his head and the impact broke a wooden door. The little boy is dead and this infuriates me. How is it these people are blessed with children? How is that right? There was a recent video out of a little girl in Houston that was supposedly "rollin'" on X, The older girls in the video along with the 20 year old mother claim she wasn't ever given drugs but if you watch the video, and you know children, there was something wrong with that little girl. You can't squeeze and slap around a two year old and not get a reaction, be it a laugh, scream, or just some kind of movement. All this little girl did was roll her eyes to the point of where all you could see were the whites. You can find the video here, if you can stomach it.
All of these mothers are young; girls that got pregnant too young, and obviously too immature. They think they're ready for sex, then there's a baby, a baby they can't take care of. I'm not saying all these ridiculously young mothers don't do something with their lives and take care of they're babies — but let's face it, it's still a big problem right now. I also know there are situations where the girls are in long-term relationships and it just happens, or where a girl is raped. I understand that. But the majority of these girls have absolutely no self-respect, and no motivation to be something other than a human incubator of a child they can't even support or take proper care of. Meanwhile we as taxpayers pay for their negligience. We pay for their rent, their food and they're child's diapers. And here I am, I took the proper steps. I graduated high school, kept my legs closed, maintained my respect and reputation, went to college, got a degree, in debt from that piece of paper, got married THEN moved in with my husband, have a good job and we're trying to figure out how we'll make the baby thing possible. Something sound a little off? I know this blog is less than PC, and rude (I've already edited out a lot already), but it's an absolute disgrace. I want to beat the crap put of one of these sorry excuses for a mother.


Party time!

The company I work for has a big brother by the name of D Magazine, and they're having quite the party tomorrow night. The "Best of Big D Party" is a big event in Dallas and this year the proceeds go to Kidd's Kids. Even better! The party celebrates just what the title says, the BEST of Dallas. We're talking the best Mexican food, best margaritas, best hotel...you get the point. This is my first year to attend the party but I hear it's pretty fun. My predicament which leads to the point of this blog is what to wear. I have a good idea based on the limitations, er, dress code. This year we're asked to wear black and gold so hopefully what I have in mind which complies with the requested dress also looks good. We'll see. Sorry. I meant for this to be more interesting. Oops.

I'm starving...

...my food isn't done and he's eating already ??

Who would've thunk?

If you remember, I had a test a couple weeks ago I needed to take. It was a test I was determined I would fail. In fact, I took the test at such a last minute to prove my suckiness at the subject to those that cheered, "You can do it!" I knew I couldn't. I studied, and tried my hardest, knowing it would be the failure of all test failures in my life since I had inadvertently gathered this large cheering chorus of friends and family around me. I should've never told anyone I was taking this test. I had a long list of missed calls and texts when I left the building that morning, and still have been getting inquiries about the results. Now I have to let them all know, they were right. Somehow I managed to pass the test. Not only did I pass, I had passed with room to spare. So instead of failing miserably I passed, and I passed pretty well. I'm still in shock.


Cry me a river

So there are three shows I've been watching and will be watching pretty intensely - all reality shows mind you: America's Next Food Network Star, Big Brother 8, and Age of Love. Besides the drama, they are all very different. Their common denominator would have to be the criers. That's right, criers, and frankly, it's getting pretty old. First, ANFS, ladies and gentleman, I introduce: Jag. Not only did he cry when up on the chopping block, spending time at a military base, but he cried for obvious reasons when he admitted, er, got caught in a web of lies that would embarrass a congressman. He lied about graduating from culinary school, and the other shocker, about his non-existent deployment as a marine to Afghanistan. What the heck? Where's your hoo-rah? Where's the discipline and credibility that is supposed to go along with the uniform? What a disgrace to your fellow troops and the brave young men and women around the world that sacrifice so much just for you to have the ability to lie about military missions. Thanks for your service, but leave your lies at the door. Good luck to you and your Latin Caribbean inspired meals! You broke my heart.

Next we have The Age of Love? What is the premise exactly? Glad you asked! The purpose of the show is to help find some tennis stud his one true love, typical Bachelor-inspired show. The catch involves the fish to be caught, or should I say, kittens and cougars? That's right, twenty and forty year olds fight for the love and affection of Mark Philippoussis, our stud. The crier on this show goes by the name of Mary Long. I haven't see her talk on the show for more than 5 minutes without a scene of her crying about how "she's a mess," and she just "can't take it anymore." I can't take her crying anymore. She dolls up like a diva but sinks like a heavy-burden shipped. Yes Mary, there's is something about you, but it's not appealing, glad you didn't get invited back.

Last but not least, move over Puck(Real World), make room Ripsy (Bad Girls Club), bow out Omarosa (The Apprentice) Jen is here! Jen from Big Brother 8 has worked my nerves. Not only did she turn out to be the most annoying, arrogant, and self-centered heifer to hit the small screen, she dug her grave in the first episode in her crying scene over a bad picture taken of her. Now although Jen has made the same crying mistake twice, not yet at least, I felt she needed to make the list for the most ridiculous reason for water works yet! I really think she's the devil incarnate.


Blogger is a baby journal

No offense Caroline.

I just stumbled upon a friend's blog and from there found a TON of other friends/acquaintances of mine. They were ALL baby blogs! Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just found it a bit disappointing as I wanted to read about them and their thoughts, not just so and so is on solid foods. This stems partly from me not being a mother and not understanding...but isn't there more going on? I remember my mom to this day making her kids her life, but she had more to talk about on the phone then how ridiculously cute her youngest (See: ME!) was, and still is mind you. Now Blogger is an outlet of every kind, be it kids, work, music, television and all kinds of randomness but disappearing into the black hole of motherhood isn't so appealing when it seems that there is a band of mommy clones that are all drinking out of the same sippy cup! Not all mommys are like this. I have mommy friends (See: Shauna, Stephanie and yes, Caroline) that I can talk to about their kids, husbands, work and life. Then there is another breed of mommy, the clone mommy. Life that revolves around playdates, schedules and strict eating regimens. I know a mommy that leaves instructions on how to take care of her kids when leaving them with one of the child's grandparents! I know another mommy that refuses to let her child have the smallest bit of candy ever. I had a convo with a mommy that doesn't let her child wear "character" clothing because she (the mommy) didn't like it. Then maybe she shouldn't wear it and let the kid enjoy it. Now, these mommies are good mommies. But when did good go too far? When did it become so rigid and sheltering?
Now, this has nothing to do with mommy blogs, it seems this blog has evolved into something else, but that's okay. Let's take a journey together.
I miss the good, normal mommies. The mommies that let their kids be kids, but give them boundaries. The mommies that didn't become mommies when they were too young, or not ready, or even not wed. I miss the mommies that realized a good diet was important, but let the child have a real, FUN Halloween, and not this going from room to room in your own house giving fruit and granola. I miss the mommies that let grandma be grandma. It's annoying to see so many mommies that have the wrong idea about what is important. I'll have to remind myself when that special day comes, because I don't want to be the mommy that people roll their eyes at. Not that i care what most people say, but if you hear someone making the same comments over and over, they may have a point. So here is 10 step Mommy Plan:

1) I will set boundaries for my child in order to protect them and rear them correctly, but allow them freedom to explore, and experience other things within reason.

2)After 3 months my child will always wear shoes out, no dirty feet at the supermarket! Gross.

3) I will play, run, and act silly with them.

4) Healthier food will be a staple, but trips to McDonalds, candy, and ice cream will be a part of their childhood experience as well.

5) My child will have opportunities to express themselves in what they wear (with some limits of course).

6) Grandma and Grandpa will be allowed to spoil.

7) My child will not be the child disrupting church, shopping, or eating at restaurants...if they do, we go outside and work it out.

7) Punishment will fit the, uh, crime.

8) I will have a life outside of home.

9) I will not let myself go, I will be a cute mommy.

10) My child will go to the doctor when sick and not be in school to infect the other children.

Haha..I think that's it.

Myspace, Facebook, Blogger, and Work

Besides Facebook, (I don't have one), these all go hand and hand for me as many of my co-workers participate in one or all of these outlets. Does it bother me? Not really. I already filter everything that goes in and out of my profile on Myspace due to the amount of teenagers I'm "friends" with online from teaching Sunday school, subbing, volunteering and just from being their relative. I don't have anything on there I wouldn't care if shared with the world. But getting messages from your boss saying "What a ko-wink-i-dink to find y'all on here! Yeehaw!!". yeah, that's creepy. Lucky for me, my boss knows of my page and could probably find it if he wanted, but whatevs, censorship works in my favor. Now this Blogger on the other hand, it's a different story. This is my outlet, my somewhat secret outlet. I've yet to advertise this page, or even let people know that I blog. There's a security about it that I love. I have 399 friends on Myspace...I really don't want them reading my every thought or whim! If it leaks, it leaks, because nothing is ever safe on the web, but until I hear otherwise, I write away! You can read the article that inspired the subject here.

Crappy Blog Pictures

I'm giving this mobil blogging a shake. If you see unusually crappy photos that's just me taking pics from my phone and sending over. In order for the image to fit the large image box it makes an annoying white bar above and below the pic. I cropped the first photo (see Today Sponge) but decided to stay true to the art of mobile blogging, I won't edit the picture from here on out. So there. Viva la mobile blogging. Let the games begin. Whoopee-flippin-do.

The Today Sponge

They took them off the market on magical hit television show Seinfeld. Imagine my surpise to see it on the shelf at Target.


So tired

And I SHOULD be in bed, I have a long day tomorrow! I need to pack, get gas, and be on the road no later then 6:45 a.m. and what am I doing? I'm online. But it's okay, I've been working on my family Myspace. Crazy huh? Well, I'm the mastermind behind a much needed family reunion. It's been about 20 years since our last one and we have cousins that we haven't ever met. I come from a big family on both sides but to stay on subject we'll stick to my mom's family. On that side alone I have 10 aunts and uncles plus their spouses. At the time of my grandfather's funeral, (Sept.'98) he had 36 grandchildren, and 72 great-grandchildren and so on. Since then the numbers have increased, but not our time spent together. We had a first of the original ten die last year, and this is the time we need to reconnect and stay close. So the Myspace comes into play because email and the internet are the best tools to communicate for many of my cousins. We have 35+ on already and it's been much easier staying in contact, collecting rediculously old photos, and making announcements. You should check it out, nothing special, but slowly working on it. www.myspace.com/danielfamilyreunion (too tired to inset a link). Good night!

Calamari for the table please.

So a huge squid washed up on the coast of Tasmania. The mantle (body) measured 6.5 feet long! Giant squid are known to have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, about the size of a volleyball! You can read more about this "whopper" here.

Free Slurpees!

7-11 is celebrating their birthday by giving away free Slurpees all day today. The Slurpees will be given in a special 7.11 oz. commemorative cup. We excited, but maybe not as excited as this person! Either way, we're making a trip there once our pages enter the dreadful editing process!

Once last thought

I had the pleasure of talking to two good, no, best friends in the past 24 hours. One, Derrick, I've known since high school and he's been a best friend ever since. He's the male me. He's my Jerry, I, his Elaine. We don't get to talk that often, you see, these two friends are doing great things in life. He's working in D.C., with a state representative, he's been at this for a few years already and I know there are bigger things to come for him. The other, Stephanie, is in med school. It will be a couple more years before she'll be my future child's pediatrician, but she's about to start her baby delivering skills. Both are super ambitious, goal-oriented, and driven. I know that is partly what drew me to them. It seems I'm easily drawn to these types, my friends, old and new, are a reflection of that. Heck, my husband is the epitomy of drive. So then I wonder, where did mine go? According to my 5 year plan after college I should be at an agency, as a big time art director with an amazing portfolio. I should already be a home owner, debt free, and owner of some uber nice things. I should wear suits everyday, and treat my parents to expensive gifts and crusies. But I'm not even close. I look back and wonder where the regret is? I convince myself it should be there, but I can't find it. My priorities were different. I should be in the same race with these people. I should have equally important stories to share, and I don't. What stories do I share? Simple. I share each others. You see, I don't regret that I have a humble job, modest living, and still in debt, because I changed my path. I didn't let my path change me. What began to evolve in me after college was a different plan, a different motivation. My stories, are theirs. You see, I love my friends and family. I am proud of what they do, and who they've become. They make this world a better place. My accomplishments also stem from theirs. I'd much rather tell you how great Joey did with his team this year and all the awards and acolades he receieved. I much rather tell you that Keegan is the best reader in her school. And I'd rather tell you that I have these groups of friends that are really going somewhere in life and how proud I am of them. I much rather spend my time telling you I have this girlfriend that is struggling with the fight of her life, but she is so strong, she's showing that cancer who is boss. MY motivation are these people. My goals have changed. Forget art director and incredible portfolio - if that is meant for me, then it will be. What I aim for is: incredible wife, outstanding mother, supportive friend and number one cheerleader for all my loved ones around me. I am not only content, but I am with joy. It's been a long time coming.


Oh Baby!

I'm a mess. I have no children but I BEAM when I'm around them, or around the potential of them. I have two, actually, three loved ones expecting. The first, a brand new nephew, Gavin. He's due any day now and we can't wait. The second, a baby cousin named Avah, she'll be here in October. And the most recent, and unknown due to my buddy Christina around February. This means baby shopping. I've always loved shopping for little ones, and right now I'm in shopping overload. My husband told me I've done too much already, but my receipts say otherwise. I'm an awesome bargain shopper, and quite proud of it. But after surveying the baby clothes pile in the corner of my living I'm thinking he may be on to something. Of course as you can see there's a ton more boy stuff than girl, but we have plenty of time before the little princess gets here. I figure if he's tired of me shopping for everyone else's baby, maybe it's time to keep the baby clothes here at home if you know what I mean! Well, in time, but it's a thought.

Two Years Strong

So last night the significant other and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary. It's funny because although it's big deal (we have friends whose marriages didn't last half as long as our has so far), it wasn't a big hurrah. But that's okay. We're not big hurrah type people. We know we don't need the five star restaurant, a trip away, or even a crazy night out. We have a understanding, we know the significance of this date and we know how much we worked to get here. We have our moments of imperfection, we fail each other and sometimes we fight - but at the end of the day, it may be silent, but that constant reassurance of our love and devotion, stays strong. I've put him through so much, and he hasn't always been a saint, but he is my rock. SO, our night started with a halt - I temporarily broke my car, well not really, but we had some time outside surveying the situation. While out I noticed behind some brush in what's practically our backyard from where we live, was the walking route our property guide talked about. I never noticed it before, never even knew where to look, and I must admit, I wish I found it before we were about to move. It gives us something to do before we pack up and move to the business district. We had a hard time deciding on where we would have dinner. Keep in mind the idea of dinner didn't even come up until my way home from the office (see, no big hurrah). We past back a few ideas of some great steak houses in the area (I was in the mood for a chicken fried steak) but decided on a hole in the wall 30 minutes west of us in Roanoke. Now, we're not into big hurrahs mind you, but that didn't mean I expected to go to a place in the stix called Babe's Chicken but hey, I can be openminded.

It was wonderful. It's a family style restaurant, about as Southern as you can get. They serve two things, fried chicken, and chicken fried steak. Instead of small, single serve portions you are fed like you're at momma's: big bowls of mashed potatoes, corn, gravy and the best homeade biscuits I've ever tasted. If you order the fried chicken for one, you get a breast, leg, wing and thigh. And the steak? It's a monster. It has to be the best food I've had in a long time. I'm all about atmosphere and Babe's delivers. The location makes you feel like you're in the old west, and inside there's plenty to look at: vintage art pieces, hilarious signs, and stuffed chickens doing un-chicken-like activites. I wish I had taken interior shots of the dining area and the food, but I felt kind of awkward pulling out a camera (family-style seating and all). But it was a great experience and a great anniversary. Now I'm alone :( but not for long. I will join Joey in our hometown early Thursday morning where we'll be taking care of some things and spending time with loved ones. This means, a lot of blogging to look forward to! The days are packed in Abilene but the evenings, well, I'm usually online for hours. We'll see how it goes.

Work drama amazes me

It's funny how in every office there is a scapegoat. There is always someone or a group, that has the weight of every department screw up on their shoulders. I wonder if these people cry and moan all night when they get home, or just save it for work? They can make mistakes, but heaven-forbid anyone else be given the slightest bit of mercy when they are not perfect. We are expected to be perfect, on less than perfect wages - I love the product, I love 99% of the people, but dangit, I hate the politics.

So I just realized this blog is a complete contradiction of my earlier post, haha, I recognize the irony and this blog just proves my earlier post on the unity we have within our team. We may have issues with each other from time to time and that's okay, but when one of us is getting beat down for something insane, we all take it personally.


Funny quotes from work

So I have this job, great place to work. We work hard and play twice as harder. There's five of us in my immediate department. A rocker chic, a priss, a southern belle from Lousianna, a laid back country girl and me, funny, outspoken Latina? You never know what the conversations will bring. You name it, we'll talk about it. Politically correct is not in the vocab. Less than a year ago I got the idea for a quote board, a dry erase board we can write down and display some of what goes on around here. We had it going strong for awhile, and in the past few months we've neglected it. I decided to blog what we have so far to further encourage me to keep it going. Every year at the company Christmas party they have each department submit a brief on what the department accomplished during the year blah blah blah. I want to submit this.

“I can’t think and think at the same time!” -Des

“Stacey you better lock those toes to the baseline” -Lena

“Where are my pages bitch?” -Stacey

“Crunch, crunch, crunch, oh wait, there’s a bug.” -Des

“I should know, I’ve done them all.” -Des

"You're a hickey on the neck of society." -Lena

"Do you know what's wrong with your face?" -Kristiana

"Go to the kitchen and make me a sammich!" -Lena

"You have a perfect nose for a nose job." -Lena to Amy

"Oh well, trees grow back." -Kristin

"My muffin top is bigger than your muffin top!" -Lena

"Omigod ya'll, I'd die if I was buried alive!" -Adriane

"You can convert someone and just bail on them." -Amy

"Daggers to my heart!" - Everyone

"Craig, can you stuff my thing?" -Dorothy

"I only drink at work really." -Lena

"Yay, fetal alcohol syndrome!" -Kristiana

"Thanks for the herpes!" -Lena & Kristen

"Secrets don't make friends!" -Lena

"Stop ruining my life!" -Lena

"It's hotter than a nutria on a hot tin roof, in the middle of July, with the sun beatin' down, partly cloudly but with 63% humidity, but no chance or rain..etc." -Kristen

Turns out we're missing some, but these will do for now.


It could be worse

I was driving at 7:30 this morning to Denton, tired and frustrated I had to go in the first place. I needed to take a math placement test to apply for an alternative certification test to start teaching. I'm still undecided whether this is the right time for me to switch careers, but figured I might as well take the test as I may have to take it multiple times (I am absolutely horrible at math - it is my achilles heel...along with exercise). The drive to Denton is usually one of much toil and traffic, but at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, even Dentonites sleep in. I arrive at U.N.T and find the lecture room where I'm surrounded by what seems to be newly graduated high school seniors waiting until the last minute to accumulate some test scores hoping to get accepted into some random school in the fall. Great. I feel old...until someone asks if I'm an incoming freshman. Score. Once I sat down and patiently listened for the Proctor to give us instructions, I quickly began to realize why I'm so happy to be out of school. It isn't listening to someone talk and talk and talk, and it isn't sitting in those tiny little chairs with the make-shirt, pull-out desks, it was the endless questions of fellow test-takers that obviously couldn't listen to instruction long enough to prevent asking something that had JUST been answered.

Proctor: Please open your test booklets to page one. Fill out questions 1 through 9 regarding your name, address and other personal information. Once you're done with page 1, stop and wait for further instruction.
1 minute later...

Stupid student raises hand

Proctor: Yes?

Stupid student 1: Um, on page two it asks for a school code? What does that mean?

Proctor: Like I said earlier, stop after page 1 and we'll go through it together. Is everyone done? (nods all around) Okay, now on page 2... (stupid student 2 raises hand) Yes?

Stupid student 2: What was that code again?

Proctor: We haven't gone over that! Please wait and pay closer attention. (Proctor continues to give instruction, stupid student 3 raises hand)

Stupid student 3: So did we skip page 1 and go straight to page 2? Were we supposed to fill it out?

Of course through all of this the thoughts and words in my mind became increasingly vulgar. Once the Proctor kicked everyone's a** verbally for not paying attention, we were able to make some progess and start the test. So I take the test and my A.D.D. kicks in, but I stay focused enough to fail it in under 2 hours and 45 minutes. Of course I don't actually know my score, the jury is still out but my vote says I will be taking it again! I leave campus only to see traffic as I approach I-35. Awesome. It's already noon at this point, and I have a birthday party to be at by 1:00, because I'm six ya know? Once I get into Lewisville I notice why some of this traffic has accumulated and I'm humbled. It seems someone's day had a worse start than mine, so I continue on my drive, pick up some hot wings and a Cars dvd, and went to Brycen's 6th birthday party.


Big Brother 8

I'm still thinking about the new Big Brother that aired last night. This is the spin: Malice in Wonderland, what exactly does that mean? Besides the house resembling that of a modern day Alice in Wonderland, they bring in the typical 14 or so houseguests, all strangers, with the exception of three, which brings the "malice" and element of surprise. (You never know what, or who, is behind that door). These three are bitter rivals and sworn enemies of three of the other house guests. So now, not only do these contestants have to learn to live and survive in the house amongst perfect strangers, but have people from their past they'd hope to never see again. One couple, two homosexual men that dated and suffered a very bitter, ugly separation will bring much entertainment to this season. Can anyone say gonorrhea? That's one sordid detail blabbed from one of the men in describing why he hates his ex. Another couple, two ex best friends from highschool. They're cute so people will pay attention, but is it really that interesting? I'd rather watch some other teen movie... doubt these girls have anything on me. (I was kind of hated in high school). The last, and rather interesting couple, a father and daughter. The daughter seems shocked and very emotional when she saw her dad walk in. She claims to have stopped speaking to him for a few years now, and attributes it to him being a horrible father. His attitude was that of a jerk, nevermind the fact he looked like a bootleg Tommy Lee, he was a self proclaimed "dick." Nice. The last element of surprise we learn about is the houseguest planted in the game only to do the viewers bidding. He will vote, and play the way we choose. He'll have tasks to complete, and for every task he'll win $10,000. Yeah, I'd sell out for that deal as well. Now here's my bootleg Perez Hilton-esque rendition of the relationships that represent what Big Brother 8 is really about.

After such good news

As we celebrated my friend Christina's birthday and pregnancy, another old college roomate was dealing with the news that she has cancer. She contacted me awhile ago and my heart breaks for her. She has a 4 month old baby boy and and husband that adores her. If you read earlier you know I introduced Christina to her husband, and the other married couple? Sarah and Jason. I set them up freshman year of college, and they got married a few years later. A move to Hawaii and back to Austin, a baby and now cancer. If you believe in prayer, please do so. She will have to be away from her baby for 4 weeks while she is going through chemo and radiation, so I know that will be the most diffcult thing for her. So, I'm asking for positive thoughts! Thanks!


So, about the Fourth

It was good. I had to work which kind of stunk, I've always been back at "home" with the fam on the fourth but it wasn't a total loss. I went to the Park Cities community parade and picnic. I went from a big family dinner and sitting in the back of a pickup truck watching fireworks to hanging out with the Dallas elitie and handing out frisbees. I'm not complaining, it was actually pretty fun and I like to partcipate in the extra-curriculars that go along with the job. I had a difficult time getting there as I was given wrong directions, twice, and by the time I arrived, the streets were already closed due to the parade. I made my way to find parking through some alleys and made it to our booth. I did my time, and more, as our second shift decided this activity was only optional for them, and made my way out a little after 1:00. I didn't actually drive off until much after that as I lost my car. How do you lose a car? You get so off course in arriving that you park in the first place you can, usually in front of a half a million dollar home along with hundreds of other cars. Of course by the time I realized my car is no where on this particular street, it's already raining and I have to walk 6 blocks back in the direction I came from. I was able to meet up with a few others that hadn't left yet and I was driven around by our marketing director to find my little car. Thank goodness she did because I was WAY off.
Early that evening we trekked 45 minutes east to Rowlett where my old college roomate and closest friend was being thrown a surprise birthday party. It turned out great! Not only was she surprised, but a ton of people showed up, all old friends of ours, and she used this opportunity to announce to myself and our third amiga, Jen, that she was nine weeks pregnant! This was not only a surprise but extrememely exciting for us. This is a first for our group, a baby! He/she will be spolied rotten.
I tend to credit myself being the infamous matchmaker and all.
Three couples and counting, Christina and her husband Dustin will be the second of these couples I set up and have a baby. Yes, two marriages, one baby and one on the way, and an engagement. I introduced my friend Jen to a great guy Tuesday night and they have a date coming up. I don't see it turning into too much, but who knows? He's a great guy I've known for about 4 years or so and he invited us out this week and we had a great time. We went out to a place called Duke's, not sure I'll go again as it really wasn't my scene, but I'm open to trying new places. Overall it was a pretty good couple of days. I'm exhausted as I haven't had a moment to just sit still but I work best under these conditions. I'm counting down the hours for Friday to come and go. It should be a short day tomorrow whih will work out great as we have to go sign a lease on a new place in Las Colinas! This will be a great move as I'll be a little closer to work and Northpark Center! Yeah, those are priorities for ya.

National Treasure

So I get home and National Treasure is on. I was watching the part where Nicolas Cage's character is making a false i.d. badge. He was working in Photoshop, and as he's cropping and dragging his picture into the proper picture space, his computer is buzzing and beeping like he's working in space on a shuttle or something. Is that why everyone thinks a job in design is the coolest thing ever? Ha. Probably not, but why add cheesy sound effects when half the population knows Photoshop doesn't make those cool C.I.A. sounds. Whatevs.

Squishees, Donuts, and Buzz Cola oh my!

I skipped a day of blogging and let me tell you, I actually missed it. I'll get more into the details of these past couple of days later, in the meantime here are my own pics from the Kwik-E-Mart. To see more pics from the L.A. store, go to dc's blog here where he even has a videos from his trip.

Didn't realize how inappropriate this pic looked but oh well, I love Ralph!

Woo-hoo, Vanilla Raspberry!

Lot's of Buzz Cola


7-11, er, Kwik-E-Mart, Northwest Highway, Dallas Texas

Crazy Comic Book Guy..


Uh, what?

You can find a blurb about this cross-bred horsbra or zorse here

Don't you love it when...

Someone knows your job better than you?
I'm being fecicious of course, but I'm not joking when I say I've lost respect for most men in the workplace.
Fortunately men are the minority here, but the ones we do have are in much higher positions then most of the ladies. What is unfortunate is personally I feel the women are what keeps this place going.
I'm frustrated because this morning I woke up at 7:30, and laid in bed for half an hour because my mind was expressing itself unusually. I use to write a lot of poetry and songs and it seems that the part of my brain that concocted those words and phrases made it's first appearance in many years. I was too tired to get a pen to write it down, and I knew once I sat in front of my computer the train of thought would vanish. I was half asleep but I know they were my words, and they not only expressed how I truly felt at that very moment, but they were eloquent and deep. I tried again on my way to work. The clouds were dark and heavy, looming down and if I could provide an image to describe me, it would be that. I feel bottled up, like the precipitation in the clouds, but I don't know exactly what's inside. I just know that I'm heavy, I'm coming closer and closer to the release. Those I have detached from will see me slowly start to gravitate down, release, and be sunny again.
In the meantime I will start writing again. I think that's why I actually began this blog. I'm not a fantastic writer, I'm grammatically incorrect 90% of the time, I don't read as much as I use to, I really don't know what the hell I'm saying, but I know how I feel when I express myself, and it's a good feeling.



Today was good, mostly, if you look in terms of productiveness. I did most of today's work on Friday since I volunteered to help roll our annual July 4 coloring books. Two thousand were ordered but instead we recieved five thousand! Needless to say there was a lot of rolling to do which came with a few benefits. One being, of course, helping out another department when I could've worked on something else. Another being the fellowship. At one point there was about a dozen ladies, all very different, which makes for interesting conversations. The third, and the best, free lunch from Holy Ravioli. I love that place. I stayed a little late after work getting some pages done early and headed home where my other half was watching soccer. So it begins, again. I begin to cook dinner, and instead of getting super pissed that I worked a full day, get home late and STILL have to make dinner, Iet it go. We still have to study algebra/geometry and I need as much mental strength I could gather. We eat, then we study. Now, the whole situation with this test is to further qualify myself for an alternative certification program for me to begin teaching. Sounds good right? It's is to a certain extent, but I'm confused. The benefits for me to begin teaching goes as follows: Better pay, better hours, fulfilling a long term goal, and allowing a better opportunity to start a family. The cons, well there isn't. The cons only come because of timing. Let me explain. I love my current job. I love the people, the work isn't the most challenging, but it makes you think and it has a lot to offer in many other ways. I hate the idea of leaving because of those reasons and the growth potential in our product which could eventually be a benefit for everyone. I haven't been able to stay at one job for more than a year lately (because we have lived in three different cities since we wed two years ago) and never have I ever liked a job involving design which is a big deal seeing how a year ago I shunned the field. So, I still want to teach, eventually, but don't know that I'm ready to leave the paper. I don't want to miss out on any opportunities. Teaching will always be there, but it's time to put in someone else's control. I'll study hard, take the test and whatever happens, happens. I'll work my butt off either way and won't restrict myself so much. One thing I learned from a good friend back in Abilene was, "there's always a work-around," so I'm willing to see what that is, and welcome it with open arms. I will try not to stress too much, and take it all so personally. It's just difficult. I hate not being good at something. I have a lot of drive, and it works against me a lot. I dissapoint myself too easily and it's something I need to work on, among other things. Thank God for patient people who put up with me.

Oh Monday Monday

So I was late to work this morning. Really late, but I had a hard time fixing my hair. One thing I forgot to mention last night is that I colored my hair. Nothing crazy, but for a couple of months already I've been trying to get my hair a dark chocolate brown, close to black, but not black. So it turns out that the top part of my head doesn't want to color like the rest so I have a gradient now. Great. So it was a task getting my hair pulled back so it's not so obvious. I'll attempt the color thing again tonight.
So after I tell my friend Amy about this blogspot she mentions soon this page will pull up when someone Googles my name. This concerns me as I don't want this page advertised, but it's not neccessarily meant to be private either. So I Google my name...nothing relevant to me. So I Google "Lena Rodriguez blog" and this comes up. Who would've thought my married name sounded newsy?