Two Years Strong

So last night the significant other and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary. It's funny because although it's big deal (we have friends whose marriages didn't last half as long as our has so far), it wasn't a big hurrah. But that's okay. We're not big hurrah type people. We know we don't need the five star restaurant, a trip away, or even a crazy night out. We have a understanding, we know the significance of this date and we know how much we worked to get here. We have our moments of imperfection, we fail each other and sometimes we fight - but at the end of the day, it may be silent, but that constant reassurance of our love and devotion, stays strong. I've put him through so much, and he hasn't always been a saint, but he is my rock. SO, our night started with a halt - I temporarily broke my car, well not really, but we had some time outside surveying the situation. While out I noticed behind some brush in what's practically our backyard from where we live, was the walking route our property guide talked about. I never noticed it before, never even knew where to look, and I must admit, I wish I found it before we were about to move. It gives us something to do before we pack up and move to the business district. We had a hard time deciding on where we would have dinner. Keep in mind the idea of dinner didn't even come up until my way home from the office (see, no big hurrah). We past back a few ideas of some great steak houses in the area (I was in the mood for a chicken fried steak) but decided on a hole in the wall 30 minutes west of us in Roanoke. Now, we're not into big hurrahs mind you, but that didn't mean I expected to go to a place in the stix called Babe's Chicken but hey, I can be openminded.

It was wonderful. It's a family style restaurant, about as Southern as you can get. They serve two things, fried chicken, and chicken fried steak. Instead of small, single serve portions you are fed like you're at momma's: big bowls of mashed potatoes, corn, gravy and the best homeade biscuits I've ever tasted. If you order the fried chicken for one, you get a breast, leg, wing and thigh. And the steak? It's a monster. It has to be the best food I've had in a long time. I'm all about atmosphere and Babe's delivers. The location makes you feel like you're in the old west, and inside there's plenty to look at: vintage art pieces, hilarious signs, and stuffed chickens doing un-chicken-like activites. I wish I had taken interior shots of the dining area and the food, but I felt kind of awkward pulling out a camera (family-style seating and all). But it was a great experience and a great anniversary. Now I'm alone :( but not for long. I will join Joey in our hometown early Thursday morning where we'll be taking care of some things and spending time with loved ones. This means, a lot of blogging to look forward to! The days are packed in Abilene but the evenings, well, I'm usually online for hours. We'll see how it goes.

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