Oh Monday Monday

So I was late to work this morning. Really late, but I had a hard time fixing my hair. One thing I forgot to mention last night is that I colored my hair. Nothing crazy, but for a couple of months already I've been trying to get my hair a dark chocolate brown, close to black, but not black. So it turns out that the top part of my head doesn't want to color like the rest so I have a gradient now. Great. So it was a task getting my hair pulled back so it's not so obvious. I'll attempt the color thing again tonight.
So after I tell my friend Amy about this blogspot she mentions soon this page will pull up when someone Googles my name. This concerns me as I don't want this page advertised, but it's not neccessarily meant to be private either. So I Google my name...nothing relevant to me. So I Google "Lena Rodriguez blog" and this comes up. Who would've thought my married name sounded newsy?

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