So, about the Fourth

It was good. I had to work which kind of stunk, I've always been back at "home" with the fam on the fourth but it wasn't a total loss. I went to the Park Cities community parade and picnic. I went from a big family dinner and sitting in the back of a pickup truck watching fireworks to hanging out with the Dallas elitie and handing out frisbees. I'm not complaining, it was actually pretty fun and I like to partcipate in the extra-curriculars that go along with the job. I had a difficult time getting there as I was given wrong directions, twice, and by the time I arrived, the streets were already closed due to the parade. I made my way to find parking through some alleys and made it to our booth. I did my time, and more, as our second shift decided this activity was only optional for them, and made my way out a little after 1:00. I didn't actually drive off until much after that as I lost my car. How do you lose a car? You get so off course in arriving that you park in the first place you can, usually in front of a half a million dollar home along with hundreds of other cars. Of course by the time I realized my car is no where on this particular street, it's already raining and I have to walk 6 blocks back in the direction I came from. I was able to meet up with a few others that hadn't left yet and I was driven around by our marketing director to find my little car. Thank goodness she did because I was WAY off.
Early that evening we trekked 45 minutes east to Rowlett where my old college roomate and closest friend was being thrown a surprise birthday party. It turned out great! Not only was she surprised, but a ton of people showed up, all old friends of ours, and she used this opportunity to announce to myself and our third amiga, Jen, that she was nine weeks pregnant! This was not only a surprise but extrememely exciting for us. This is a first for our group, a baby! He/she will be spolied rotten.
I tend to credit myself being the infamous matchmaker and all.
Three couples and counting, Christina and her husband Dustin will be the second of these couples I set up and have a baby. Yes, two marriages, one baby and one on the way, and an engagement. I introduced my friend Jen to a great guy Tuesday night and they have a date coming up. I don't see it turning into too much, but who knows? He's a great guy I've known for about 4 years or so and he invited us out this week and we had a great time. We went out to a place called Duke's, not sure I'll go again as it really wasn't my scene, but I'm open to trying new places. Overall it was a pretty good couple of days. I'm exhausted as I haven't had a moment to just sit still but I work best under these conditions. I'm counting down the hours for Friday to come and go. It should be a short day tomorrow whih will work out great as we have to go sign a lease on a new place in Las Colinas! This will be a great move as I'll be a little closer to work and Northpark Center! Yeah, those are priorities for ya.

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DC said...

happy 4th, Lena! :) I love the new design atop the blog! Can I contract you to make one for my site?