Oh Baby!

I'm a mess. I have no children but I BEAM when I'm around them, or around the potential of them. I have two, actually, three loved ones expecting. The first, a brand new nephew, Gavin. He's due any day now and we can't wait. The second, a baby cousin named Avah, she'll be here in October. And the most recent, and unknown due to my buddy Christina around February. This means baby shopping. I've always loved shopping for little ones, and right now I'm in shopping overload. My husband told me I've done too much already, but my receipts say otherwise. I'm an awesome bargain shopper, and quite proud of it. But after surveying the baby clothes pile in the corner of my living I'm thinking he may be on to something. Of course as you can see there's a ton more boy stuff than girl, but we have plenty of time before the little princess gets here. I figure if he's tired of me shopping for everyone else's baby, maybe it's time to keep the baby clothes here at home if you know what I mean! Well, in time, but it's a thought.

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