Big Brother 8

I'm still thinking about the new Big Brother that aired last night. This is the spin: Malice in Wonderland, what exactly does that mean? Besides the house resembling that of a modern day Alice in Wonderland, they bring in the typical 14 or so houseguests, all strangers, with the exception of three, which brings the "malice" and element of surprise. (You never know what, or who, is behind that door). These three are bitter rivals and sworn enemies of three of the other house guests. So now, not only do these contestants have to learn to live and survive in the house amongst perfect strangers, but have people from their past they'd hope to never see again. One couple, two homosexual men that dated and suffered a very bitter, ugly separation will bring much entertainment to this season. Can anyone say gonorrhea? That's one sordid detail blabbed from one of the men in describing why he hates his ex. Another couple, two ex best friends from highschool. They're cute so people will pay attention, but is it really that interesting? I'd rather watch some other teen movie... doubt these girls have anything on me. (I was kind of hated in high school). The last, and rather interesting couple, a father and daughter. The daughter seems shocked and very emotional when she saw her dad walk in. She claims to have stopped speaking to him for a few years now, and attributes it to him being a horrible father. His attitude was that of a jerk, nevermind the fact he looked like a bootleg Tommy Lee, he was a self proclaimed "dick." Nice. The last element of surprise we learn about is the houseguest planted in the game only to do the viewers bidding. He will vote, and play the way we choose. He'll have tasks to complete, and for every task he'll win $10,000. Yeah, I'd sell out for that deal as well. Now here's my bootleg Perez Hilton-esque rendition of the relationships that represent what Big Brother 8 is really about.

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