It could be worse

I was driving at 7:30 this morning to Denton, tired and frustrated I had to go in the first place. I needed to take a math placement test to apply for an alternative certification test to start teaching. I'm still undecided whether this is the right time for me to switch careers, but figured I might as well take the test as I may have to take it multiple times (I am absolutely horrible at math - it is my achilles heel...along with exercise). The drive to Denton is usually one of much toil and traffic, but at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, even Dentonites sleep in. I arrive at U.N.T and find the lecture room where I'm surrounded by what seems to be newly graduated high school seniors waiting until the last minute to accumulate some test scores hoping to get accepted into some random school in the fall. Great. I feel old...until someone asks if I'm an incoming freshman. Score. Once I sat down and patiently listened for the Proctor to give us instructions, I quickly began to realize why I'm so happy to be out of school. It isn't listening to someone talk and talk and talk, and it isn't sitting in those tiny little chairs with the make-shirt, pull-out desks, it was the endless questions of fellow test-takers that obviously couldn't listen to instruction long enough to prevent asking something that had JUST been answered.

Proctor: Please open your test booklets to page one. Fill out questions 1 through 9 regarding your name, address and other personal information. Once you're done with page 1, stop and wait for further instruction.
1 minute later...

Stupid student raises hand

Proctor: Yes?

Stupid student 1: Um, on page two it asks for a school code? What does that mean?

Proctor: Like I said earlier, stop after page 1 and we'll go through it together. Is everyone done? (nods all around) Okay, now on page 2... (stupid student 2 raises hand) Yes?

Stupid student 2: What was that code again?

Proctor: We haven't gone over that! Please wait and pay closer attention. (Proctor continues to give instruction, stupid student 3 raises hand)

Stupid student 3: So did we skip page 1 and go straight to page 2? Were we supposed to fill it out?

Of course through all of this the thoughts and words in my mind became increasingly vulgar. Once the Proctor kicked everyone's a** verbally for not paying attention, we were able to make some progess and start the test. So I take the test and my A.D.D. kicks in, but I stay focused enough to fail it in under 2 hours and 45 minutes. Of course I don't actually know my score, the jury is still out but my vote says I will be taking it again! I leave campus only to see traffic as I approach I-35. Awesome. It's already noon at this point, and I have a birthday party to be at by 1:00, because I'm six ya know? Once I get into Lewisville I notice why some of this traffic has accumulated and I'm humbled. It seems someone's day had a worse start than mine, so I continue on my drive, pick up some hot wings and a Cars dvd, and went to Brycen's 6th birthday party.


DC said...

Ugh, hate those people before taking a test. They take you off your game, but I hope you did well on your test! :)

Hopefully, everyone was ok in that car. I feel like seeing a car upside down is how you would feel if you were looking at a dinosaur in terms of how shocking it is to see it.

Love that math... and exercise :) are your achilles' heels, haha

Lena said...

Yeah, I can at least force myself to exercise, but math? It's a whole different situation.