Who would've thunk?

If you remember, I had a test a couple weeks ago I needed to take. It was a test I was determined I would fail. In fact, I took the test at such a last minute to prove my suckiness at the subject to those that cheered, "You can do it!" I knew I couldn't. I studied, and tried my hardest, knowing it would be the failure of all test failures in my life since I had inadvertently gathered this large cheering chorus of friends and family around me. I should've never told anyone I was taking this test. I had a long list of missed calls and texts when I left the building that morning, and still have been getting inquiries about the results. Now I have to let them all know, they were right. Somehow I managed to pass the test. Not only did I pass, I had passed with room to spare. So instead of failing miserably I passed, and I passed pretty well. I'm still in shock.


Kiddrae254 said...

what was the damn test?

DC said...

congrats ;)