I love Seinfeld. In fact, I was telling a friend last week how every day there is an element of my day I closely compare to that of Seinfeld episode. For instance, there's an epi where Jerry realizes he is even-Steven. Every time something bad happens, there is something positive that counter acts that and makes it even. If he loses twenty dollars, he finds a forgotten twenty buried in the pockets of a coat. Even-Steven. That's what I feel like right now. Anytime I receive good news, there's always a catch or something else going on that counter acts the good. It usually comes at times when I need it least and prevents me from even enjoying the good news I had received. As if there isn't enough going on with the move, this job situation, my parents, and potential death of my car, now I get to add a ultra sensitive cousin to the batch. Although he doesn't worry me, his words and actions get the whole fam in a frenzy and I get called in to, uh, clean things up a bit. Things are now cleaned up, all fires and potential fires have been extinguished, but when will I get my moment? When I get to fully enjoy everything that is going around me? When will I stop investing all my time and energy into other people's problems? I know where I get my worrisome nature and anxiousness from, but how do I get rid of it, or at least learn when to shut if off and on? Is it possible to stop being even Steven?
Why can't the bad just be bad, and the good leave good enough alone?
Better yet, when will I stop asking myself questions during my self-reflective blogging time? Haha. I guess that's a writing ditch of mine. I'm not a writer really so who cares? Again, with the questions.
Well, on a good note, something may follow through this week. I'm not totally sure so no details as of yet. Stay tuned and hopefully I'll have something more interesting to report tomorrow. The bad news? I can't runaway from everything else.


Yessi said...

That's the curse of being a responsible adult... everyone dumps their irresponsibleness (if that is a word!) on you. Cheer up, at least you're not the Elaine in that episode!

Kiddrae254 said...

That's just life, nothing is always on the upside for anyone. I just got a $500 dollar work bonus and that same week I caused $537 worth of damage to our new apt. due to a party I threw... Sucked!