Unfit mothers

Yesterday I was reading about an Oak Cliff mother that left her baby son with her live in boyfriend while at work and now the boy is in grave condition in the hospital. There are no details except that foul play is involved as the boyfriend's story doesn't match the the injuries. (Read the story here). Now this morning I get an email about a similar but deadlier situation in Ohio. Once again some mother that probably has no business having custody of a child is letting her boyfriend watch her 18 month old son. The boyfriend, 18, get's frustrated with the little boy during his toilet training and throws him against the wall. The little boy had sheet rock stuck to his head and the impact broke a wooden door. The little boy is dead and this infuriates me. How is it these people are blessed with children? How is that right? There was a recent video out of a little girl in Houston that was supposedly "rollin'" on X, The older girls in the video along with the 20 year old mother claim she wasn't ever given drugs but if you watch the video, and you know children, there was something wrong with that little girl. You can't squeeze and slap around a two year old and not get a reaction, be it a laugh, scream, or just some kind of movement. All this little girl did was roll her eyes to the point of where all you could see were the whites. You can find the video here, if you can stomach it.
All of these mothers are young; girls that got pregnant too young, and obviously too immature. They think they're ready for sex, then there's a baby, a baby they can't take care of. I'm not saying all these ridiculously young mothers don't do something with their lives and take care of they're babies — but let's face it, it's still a big problem right now. I also know there are situations where the girls are in long-term relationships and it just happens, or where a girl is raped. I understand that. But the majority of these girls have absolutely no self-respect, and no motivation to be something other than a human incubator of a child they can't even support or take proper care of. Meanwhile we as taxpayers pay for their negligience. We pay for their rent, their food and they're child's diapers. And here I am, I took the proper steps. I graduated high school, kept my legs closed, maintained my respect and reputation, went to college, got a degree, in debt from that piece of paper, got married THEN moved in with my husband, have a good job and we're trying to figure out how we'll make the baby thing possible. Something sound a little off? I know this blog is less than PC, and rude (I've already edited out a lot already), but it's an absolute disgrace. I want to beat the crap put of one of these sorry excuses for a mother.


Kiddrae254 said...

This was very well written. Good job! There is too much to blame for unfit parents. Just leave it in gods hands to sort out, no use in getting stressed over it. Even though the stories are depressing. Just know that you will be a great mother to your own as your mother was to you.

Yessi said...

Hi! You don't know me but I got here through Hance's blog, and I decided I'm a fan of your writing.

I'm the only one of the grandkids that did it the "right" way too, like you said, I've been married for almost a year and still don't think I'm ready for kids, while all my 16 and 17 year old cousins (girls AND guys)have babies already that I worry about all the time... pues que les pasa?!