Blogger is a baby journal

No offense Caroline.

I just stumbled upon a friend's blog and from there found a TON of other friends/acquaintances of mine. They were ALL baby blogs! Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just found it a bit disappointing as I wanted to read about them and their thoughts, not just so and so is on solid foods. This stems partly from me not being a mother and not understanding...but isn't there more going on? I remember my mom to this day making her kids her life, but she had more to talk about on the phone then how ridiculously cute her youngest (See: ME!) was, and still is mind you. Now Blogger is an outlet of every kind, be it kids, work, music, television and all kinds of randomness but disappearing into the black hole of motherhood isn't so appealing when it seems that there is a band of mommy clones that are all drinking out of the same sippy cup! Not all mommys are like this. I have mommy friends (See: Shauna, Stephanie and yes, Caroline) that I can talk to about their kids, husbands, work and life. Then there is another breed of mommy, the clone mommy. Life that revolves around playdates, schedules and strict eating regimens. I know a mommy that leaves instructions on how to take care of her kids when leaving them with one of the child's grandparents! I know another mommy that refuses to let her child have the smallest bit of candy ever. I had a convo with a mommy that doesn't let her child wear "character" clothing because she (the mommy) didn't like it. Then maybe she shouldn't wear it and let the kid enjoy it. Now, these mommies are good mommies. But when did good go too far? When did it become so rigid and sheltering?
Now, this has nothing to do with mommy blogs, it seems this blog has evolved into something else, but that's okay. Let's take a journey together.
I miss the good, normal mommies. The mommies that let their kids be kids, but give them boundaries. The mommies that didn't become mommies when they were too young, or not ready, or even not wed. I miss the mommies that realized a good diet was important, but let the child have a real, FUN Halloween, and not this going from room to room in your own house giving fruit and granola. I miss the mommies that let grandma be grandma. It's annoying to see so many mommies that have the wrong idea about what is important. I'll have to remind myself when that special day comes, because I don't want to be the mommy that people roll their eyes at. Not that i care what most people say, but if you hear someone making the same comments over and over, they may have a point. So here is 10 step Mommy Plan:

1) I will set boundaries for my child in order to protect them and rear them correctly, but allow them freedom to explore, and experience other things within reason.

2)After 3 months my child will always wear shoes out, no dirty feet at the supermarket! Gross.

3) I will play, run, and act silly with them.

4) Healthier food will be a staple, but trips to McDonalds, candy, and ice cream will be a part of their childhood experience as well.

5) My child will have opportunities to express themselves in what they wear (with some limits of course).

6) Grandma and Grandpa will be allowed to spoil.

7) My child will not be the child disrupting church, shopping, or eating at restaurants...if they do, we go outside and work it out.

7) Punishment will fit the, uh, crime.

8) I will have a life outside of home.

9) I will not let myself go, I will be a cute mommy.

10) My child will go to the doctor when sick and not be in school to infect the other children.

Haha..I think that's it.


Kiddrae254 said...

Your gonna be an awesome mom!

Lena said...

Thanks, I forgot to mention that they WILL know the value of a dollar and not have everything handed to them :)

Kiddrae254 said...

your not suppose to comment on your own blog clown!

Lena said...

I do.