Work drama amazes me

It's funny how in every office there is a scapegoat. There is always someone or a group, that has the weight of every department screw up on their shoulders. I wonder if these people cry and moan all night when they get home, or just save it for work? They can make mistakes, but heaven-forbid anyone else be given the slightest bit of mercy when they are not perfect. We are expected to be perfect, on less than perfect wages - I love the product, I love 99% of the people, but dangit, I hate the politics.

So I just realized this blog is a complete contradiction of my earlier post, haha, I recognize the irony and this blog just proves my earlier post on the unity we have within our team. We may have issues with each other from time to time and that's okay, but when one of us is getting beat down for something insane, we all take it personally.

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