Funny quotes from work

So I have this job, great place to work. We work hard and play twice as harder. There's five of us in my immediate department. A rocker chic, a priss, a southern belle from Lousianna, a laid back country girl and me, funny, outspoken Latina? You never know what the conversations will bring. You name it, we'll talk about it. Politically correct is not in the vocab. Less than a year ago I got the idea for a quote board, a dry erase board we can write down and display some of what goes on around here. We had it going strong for awhile, and in the past few months we've neglected it. I decided to blog what we have so far to further encourage me to keep it going. Every year at the company Christmas party they have each department submit a brief on what the department accomplished during the year blah blah blah. I want to submit this.

“I can’t think and think at the same time!” -Des

“Stacey you better lock those toes to the baseline” -Lena

“Where are my pages bitch?” -Stacey

“Crunch, crunch, crunch, oh wait, there’s a bug.” -Des

“I should know, I’ve done them all.” -Des

"You're a hickey on the neck of society." -Lena

"Do you know what's wrong with your face?" -Kristiana

"Go to the kitchen and make me a sammich!" -Lena

"You have a perfect nose for a nose job." -Lena to Amy

"Oh well, trees grow back." -Kristin

"My muffin top is bigger than your muffin top!" -Lena

"Omigod ya'll, I'd die if I was buried alive!" -Adriane

"You can convert someone and just bail on them." -Amy

"Daggers to my heart!" - Everyone

"Craig, can you stuff my thing?" -Dorothy

"I only drink at work really." -Lena

"Yay, fetal alcohol syndrome!" -Kristiana

"Thanks for the herpes!" -Lena & Kristen

"Secrets don't make friends!" -Lena

"Stop ruining my life!" -Lena

"It's hotter than a nutria on a hot tin roof, in the middle of July, with the sun beatin' down, partly cloudly but with 63% humidity, but no chance or rain..etc." -Kristen

Turns out we're missing some, but these will do for now.


DC said...

hahaha perfect material for performance evaluations at the end of the fiscal year.

DC said...

original idea, no? ;)

We'll catch up tomorrow, hope that you had a really fun dinner tonight!