Stinky Bears and Traffic Cops

So my dog Romo has this bear originally named "Farting Bear." We were given this remote controlled, flatulating bear as a gag gift for Christmas. Well, when Romo met him, it was love at first hump. Needless to say months of playing, chewing, and, er, loving, this thing as developed quite the stench. We've thrown him in the wash..but it didn't matter, give Romo 5 minutes of chew time and the slobbery residue began to stink so bad that we avoided his puppy kisses because they smelled worse then rotting beans! I knew it was time for more drastic measures, so I washed "Farting Bear" turned "Stinky Bear." It seems I got the evil spirit of stink outta him and we're all happy. Romo has his friend back, and hubby and I can begin to enjoy his puppy kisses once again.

Now, on a different and brief subject; why do traffic cops always seem pissed off? I mean, I know this isn't the highlight of their job (monitoring traffic, go, stop, go, stop in the middle of an intersection...) but why do I always feel so pressured?!? It's like the fate of the world lies in you making that turn as fast as possible while the cop frantically waves his hand back and forth giving you the signal to go like he's been waiting on you all day. Ironically, if there's a cop there, most people like myself, make an extra effort to be careful, and not speed...meanwhile we've got a director in the midst of the intersection telling us to hurry the heck up. Am I the only one that's noticed this?


Beautiful Mother Nature

I love storm clouds.

Especially when I view them on the road HOME.

Unless I think I'm going to get caught in the storm.

Pat Green

Since I was already in Abilene this weekend to visit my grandmother (update soon) I made a big effort to catch a show I've been wanting to see for awhile. I became interested in Pat Green and Texas country in general while in college. I've see him play a few times since, and have been hurting for live music lately, and his music, in particular. The show wasn't the ideal setting...outdoors, lots of non-fans just talking and getting drunk, sweating etc., but c'mon, we're talking about West Texas here and anything that's "bring your own cooler" is very much respected.

Of course, there was quite a mess afterwards.

We had a good time and I was stoked to be able to hear a lot of his older stuff like, "Poetry," "Wave on Wave," and my personal favorite "Three Days." It took me back really, and I enjoyed being able to sit back, listen to some good music, and just be in Texas.


Yay! Yay! Yay!

I found my camera.

It was in Romo's bag.

I was so excited I had to take a pic right away...even if my hair was wrapped up in a towel!



I was messing with my computer and took this by accident...right before deleting it I realized this was the perfect picture to show how I feel in class 80% of the time. The kids give me heck from time to time, but overall, it's the most fun I've had in a long time. I'll miss them dearly over the summer...


Oh Drama.

This will be short but sweet. Today I stayed longer than I planned at work today...it was okay since I was needed where I was at. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to one of my kiddos today...everyone was talking about him getting jumped by a grip of older boys..something about him supposedly breaking into some other kids house. I don't know, but what I do know is I ended up pulling him out of what would have been a very bad situation. I thought he had left campus already, but knew he hadn't when I saw a storm of kids running. I'm glad I got there when I did..I was the only adult out there, and things were going to get ugly. Somehow I convinced him to go back inside with me. His brother didn't follow. I'm not sure what ended up happening to the brother, but I know when I went back to get him, there was a swarm of kids down the block running after him. I know my kid was snow white in the situation, but it scared me to hear what these boys wanted to do to him. I know he is probably fine tonight, but they'll get to him soon enough.
We have another kid on house arrest with an ankle bracelet on..sometimes I wonder if life would be easier in different school, where every kid has a parent in the PTA, and the biggest problem is deciding what college to go to. But then I think of kids like the one I helped today, or the one who had to testify against her dad in court, or the one who has been to two psychiatric wards in this one year alone, and realize, if not me, at this time, in this school, then who? There has to be someone. I just wish it didn't make my head hurt so bad. My heart too.