Oh Drama.

This will be short but sweet. Today I stayed longer than I planned at work today...it was okay since I was needed where I was at. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to one of my kiddos today...everyone was talking about him getting jumped by a grip of older boys..something about him supposedly breaking into some other kids house. I don't know, but what I do know is I ended up pulling him out of what would have been a very bad situation. I thought he had left campus already, but knew he hadn't when I saw a storm of kids running. I'm glad I got there when I did..I was the only adult out there, and things were going to get ugly. Somehow I convinced him to go back inside with me. His brother didn't follow. I'm not sure what ended up happening to the brother, but I know when I went back to get him, there was a swarm of kids down the block running after him. I know my kid was snow white in the situation, but it scared me to hear what these boys wanted to do to him. I know he is probably fine tonight, but they'll get to him soon enough.
We have another kid on house arrest with an ankle bracelet on..sometimes I wonder if life would be easier in different school, where every kid has a parent in the PTA, and the biggest problem is deciding what college to go to. But then I think of kids like the one I helped today, or the one who had to testify against her dad in court, or the one who has been to two psychiatric wards in this one year alone, and realize, if not me, at this time, in this school, then who? There has to be someone. I just wish it didn't make my head hurt so bad. My heart too.

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