Stinky Bears and Traffic Cops

So my dog Romo has this bear originally named "Farting Bear." We were given this remote controlled, flatulating bear as a gag gift for Christmas. Well, when Romo met him, it was love at first hump. Needless to say months of playing, chewing, and, er, loving, this thing as developed quite the stench. We've thrown him in the wash..but it didn't matter, give Romo 5 minutes of chew time and the slobbery residue began to stink so bad that we avoided his puppy kisses because they smelled worse then rotting beans! I knew it was time for more drastic measures, so I washed "Farting Bear" turned "Stinky Bear." It seems I got the evil spirit of stink outta him and we're all happy. Romo has his friend back, and hubby and I can begin to enjoy his puppy kisses once again.

Now, on a different and brief subject; why do traffic cops always seem pissed off? I mean, I know this isn't the highlight of their job (monitoring traffic, go, stop, go, stop in the middle of an intersection...) but why do I always feel so pressured?!? It's like the fate of the world lies in you making that turn as fast as possible while the cop frantically waves his hand back and forth giving you the signal to go like he's been waiting on you all day. Ironically, if there's a cop there, most people like myself, make an extra effort to be careful, and not speed...meanwhile we've got a director in the midst of the intersection telling us to hurry the heck up. Am I the only one that's noticed this?

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