Pat Green

Since I was already in Abilene this weekend to visit my grandmother (update soon) I made a big effort to catch a show I've been wanting to see for awhile. I became interested in Pat Green and Texas country in general while in college. I've see him play a few times since, and have been hurting for live music lately, and his music, in particular. The show wasn't the ideal setting...outdoors, lots of non-fans just talking and getting drunk, sweating etc., but c'mon, we're talking about West Texas here and anything that's "bring your own cooler" is very much respected.

Of course, there was quite a mess afterwards.

We had a good time and I was stoked to be able to hear a lot of his older stuff like, "Poetry," "Wave on Wave," and my personal favorite "Three Days." It took me back really, and I enjoyed being able to sit back, listen to some good music, and just be in Texas.

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