End to a chapter, coming soon

Blah! I can't believe the end to my first year of teaching is OVER! Don't think this is one of those "finally, thank God moments!" - it's really not. It's bitter sweet actually. I've throughly enjoyed my year at my school, with all 150+ of my little budding, aaaand not so budding artists. It will be sad to say goodbye to my first group of kids. It doesn't help that I'm so soft, I've gotten teary eyed so many times realizing how they literally grown older, and somewhat more mature just in this year alone. It makes me wonder what will come of them, and what path they will choose in life; especially lately. We've had a lot negative things that have been coming up more and more over the past couple of months. We've been dealing with drug and alcohol issues on campus, creepy intruders on campus, parent's getting shot, gang activity, semi riots down the street, weapons on campus...not to mention all of the fights. It's safe to say that it probably isn't the school you may want your kiddo to go to if you're super protective or paranoid. I often wondered if this is where I would want our future children to go as thoughts of us making a move into my district develop. I'll be honest with you, It's a long way down the road (in life...not a literal road) but I don't know that I would be too opposed to it. We have wonderful students, and exposure to how ugly life can be beneficial if you have the right parent(s) to set good examples and help you stay on track. I desire the mentality of a lady I met some years back. She was the mother of someone I had befriended closely a few months before her death. Before her premature passing, Tiffany was the oldest of 12 (I believe). Three of which were in college, the youngest I think at the time was 2 or 3. At one of the memorial services they mentioned that sister Hamilton had been asked, why so many kids? Her response was that she wanted to bring in as many good-hearted, God fearing, Christian people into this world. They joked and said she had done her part (they really were ALL extraordinary children) but it's gotten me to think, maybe life in these schools isn't all bad. I get tired of my small budget, printers that don't work, and constant fund raising just for paper...but maybe if you set yourself as the positive example, it will really change how some of these students view life, and their future. And that makes it worth it to me. Besides, most of these kids are just looking for acceptance. Unfortunately after so many years of searching, they settle for blue, red or green. I don't want that life for my future children, or 150+ I consider "my kiddos" now. There are problems everywhere, and not by any means can the greatest works be achieved just in the 'hood, but our work is definitely cut out for us there. It's even gotten others thinking..maybe I should go there. We'll see how that all works out.

Well, back to cleaning. I plan on taking Romo to the new dog park in GP, while JOey's at the Byron Nelson (BOOOOORING!) Pics to come if we ever make it out!

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