The cat tolls for thee

The first thing I do every morning is check my Yahoo! email account. They always have these weird little stories I usually enjoy reading. This story is particularly creepy. It's about cat that predicts when a nursing home patient is about to die! In 25 proven cases Oscar, the cat, snuggles up with patients hours before their passing. The patients and families are comforted in this, but what if you had no idea you were that close to death and Oscar makes an appearance? How freaked out would you be? Of course if you were in a nursing home you are not the farthest from death, and since he is on the dementia wing of the facility, the patients may not even realize what the symbolism in his presence means. But what if they do? Would they succumb to tradition, give up all hope and fight when they see the furry grim reaper and die? Does that make Oscar a Kevorkian cat? Okay, I'm playing, but it calls for much questioning. The cat meows and paces in frustration when taken out of the patients room. That's a creepy cat.


Kiddrae254 said...

First of all, I'm glad to see you venturing out and blogging about events happening outside your life at People's Paper or whatever it's called. Not that I don't enjoy your daily ramble about things that don't effect my well being, but it's fun reading about wacky things I would have never thought were possible.

Anyway, I wonder what this kitty's record is. Yes he/she has had 25 proven cases but out of how many, like 125??

Regardless, I would be freaked if that cat hopped in my lap while I was enjoying my last pudding cut!

DC said...

haha i read that too! You beat me to posting it.

I don't know if it's right to say "luckily," but luckily, the people don't realize this cat is the modern day grim reaper.