FC Dallas vs Chivas

So I actually forgot everything I wanted to write about this event since it was almost a week ago :( I really meant to blog is sooner but if you read my last blog you are aware of my time constraints.

Here's what you need to know:
1) We used our complimentary tickets from the whole Beckham not showing fiasco even though I vowed not to. As much as I hated the fact that the only reason people showed that day was for him and not loyalty to their Dallas team wasn't enough for me to waste two perfectly good tickets.

2) When we got there my first objective was to find some food stat. It was also Juan Toja night. Toja is one of FC Dallas' finest and in honor of him long, brown mullet looking wigs were handed it to the first 5,000 hundred fans. You know we were there for that! It was pretty funny seeing two-year olds to eighty-year olds sporting the wigs.

3) We had awesome seats. From our spot we had close up views of almost everything, especially in the second half.

4) As you may know I have a bit of a Landon Donovan crush...well, I may be swayed to take on a new soccer crush outside of the US National Team. Arturo Alvarez made quite the impression on me so needless to say I felt bad when he got hurt.

There was almost a fight over it...

In the end Alvarez was fine and the game ended in a 0-0 tie against Chivas USA.


Jeff said...

NOOO WAY!!!! I cannot believe you're into soccer. Not that it's a bad thing... It's actually REALLY cool. LOL

I don't know many women who are that much into soccer where they would know someone like Landon regardless of whether it's cause he's cute or cause he's really good at his position. Hehe

I sort of protested the Beckham game when he came to face the Red Bulls because that stadium was filled to the max. The next week the Red Bulls had an almost empty stadium. Such a shame.

Anyhow...very cool pics!

Jeff said...

Yes! A soccer coach would do it.. Now it all makes sense. LOL

Nooooooo Not the Bills!! hehe