Oh Monday!

My day, in a nutshell. And in list form. My fave.

1. My legs are still sore from dancing.

2. My kids think I'm an awesome shader. Yeah, we're studying values today.

3. Two of my students we're sent to AEP for 10 days for slapping each other in the naughty spots (d!ck slapping I believe it's called). I just had a kid return from ISS for "titty twisting." What a bunch.

4. I accidently said a curse word not knowing there was a student in the room. Yikes. I thought I was alone with 2 other teachers. When I walked out (still not knowing there was a kid in the room), the kid popped his head up and said "I keep promises!" I still feel like crap. It wasn't a really bad word...but still.

5. I went to Hobby Lobby to get my kiddos some drawing paper and felt compelled to start up on an old hobby and love of mine. I bought some pastels, conte, drawing pencils, a kneaded rubber eraser and a sketch book. Maybe I'll have something to show soon.

6. I'm slowly starting to ween myself into watching Heroes. I need to be caught up, but already obsessed.

7. I saw an old high school friend on the new season of The Bachelor. She's the last chick that got a rose. That was a weird sight to see.


alison said...

indeed, lists are the best. i'm thinking of becoming an art teacher, so i may solicit some advice from you in the future. are you enjoying it so far?

yessi said...

wow I never thought about the people on those reality shows as REAL people... how weird!

Kiddrae254 said...

#3 - when and where to I sign up!?!

Christina said...

OMG I LOVE Heroes - I'm catching up on the last 2 weeks tonight too! So Good!