Weekend Review

What a great, but tiresome weekend. I ended the week on a bright note, several bright notes to be exact. It's seems that I've acquired some fans in the classroom. It was pictures galore on Friday. I usually get a couple a week, but received about a dozen in one day alone. I was feeling extra special.

Saturday, as you know, was meant for cleaning and entertaining guests. My husband's two best friends from childhood came to visit and we made a night of it. Sorry, no pictures. I may get some but probably won't post as, well, it was a crazy night. We started off with dinner and drinks at Grey Goose, and then made our way to Blackfinn where we stayed until closing. I've never had more fun singing and dancing to some of the most random music. It was a good night, a great night actually and I was happy to have such great friends to share it with. We expected it to be low-key but before we knew it the after party was at our place. Thank goodness I cleaned. My husband and I both needed the night out with friends desperately, and it showed.
Needless to say the traditional breakfast was not cooked when I woke this morning. When ever I have guests I always cook breakfast...we said goodbye to company at 5:00 a.m. so breakfast before 10 wasn't happening.
As soon as we woke we made our way over to Texas Stadium to see the undefeated Dallas Cowboys play the St. Louis Rams. The seats were the worst seats we've ever purchased but it didn't matter. We had a great view of Romo's fumble recovery and second career touchdown. The guy can really perform under pressure and it's great to experience this third-string, underdog story fold out into something great for the Cowboys.

The game was hot, we weren't feeling so great from the night before, and we ended up leaving in the fourth quarter. We went home and have been bumming ever since. I'm hoping when I wake tomorrow my energy will be replenished, and my legs will no longer be sore from the hours of dancing last night. We'll see what this week has in store for Picosita.
Have a happy Monday!


yessi said...

aww the notes are so cute! hmmm I don't think I ever gave any one of my teachers a note or drawing or whatever.

glad you had a fun weekend. I just worked... bleh

Brint Richter said...

True, Romo is having a great year, but did you just say he performs great under pressure? Wait a minute, isn't this the same Romo that fumble the hold on a field goal to win a playoff game last year? He may perform under pressure when his hands aren't trembling. He hasn't played a halfway decent team yet. He will be under pressure against the Patriots. Untill then, this story is unfinished. I still say the Cows self destruct by week 9.