If cleanliness is next to Godliness

I guess I'm in a dirty sinner type of mood.

Not really.

I'm actually a cleaning Nazi...but so not feeling it right now. I have company that will be here in a few hours. I don't have much left to do, but could have been done a long time ago which would have given me time to buy more candles (curry anyone?) and lay out by the pool. I'm pasty and need a little color.

Anywho, done with my cleaning break, be back later!


Caroline Kaufman said...

mr. clean magic eraser is the new love of my life! I met him in HEB today and fell in love with him the minute he scrubbed my "ring a round the tub" I know that he is known to have been quite the playboy... scrubing many a tub, sink and mirowave for many a desparate housewife... But I don't care! the way he scrubs the pencil off my walls (thanks lanie) is all it takes to sweep me off my feet. So I am not ashamed to say...I love you mr. clean magic eraser!

Picosita said...

You're such a mom.