Step towards strength

I'm in such a quirky mood.

There's so much I feel like I should be frustrated about, but I'm just...quirky.

I was a judge for our school's step squad auditions today, and well, some of these girls were pretty good. One thing I noticed was the differences between a strong stepper, and a weak one. The strong steppers were dominant, powerful, and every move was precise and confident. These girls looked straight ahead, kept their rhythm, and wouldn't waiver. The weak steppers were light on their feet, and shaky in their movements. If they didn't look distressed they were looking at each other. Every time they looked to their neighbor for more than 2 beats, someone got off track. After that, they questioned every move, got sloppy, and let the situation get the best of them. We would then make these girls step alone, with out their groups, and lo and behold, they too became more confident. Of course there were girls that just didn't know what they were doing, or lacked the natural rhythm to pull it off. Some of them just didn't practice. But it made me realize how thrown off our mark we get when we're basing our decisions on every one else. Sometimes, when forced to work alone, we get better results. No outside influence or persuasion, just you. Sometimes groups work well and produce stronger results when they have the right formula (i.e., every one pulls their own weight, works hard, and stays focused).
I have a student that has begged to be transferred into my 1st period art class and out of my 6th where he is now. He has determined the number of close friends he has in his current class is the reason he continues to get in trouble. That could be true to an extent. He knows if we go through with the transfer, all eyes will then be on him. Is it his friends, or is it his lack of self-control? Will he be able to really blame it on influence of those around him, or will he prove that he is the one that stirs the pot? I'm confident he'll be a better student, but there is something to be said about giving into influence. It follows us everywhere. I have another student that has to repeat everything another student says if that person got a laugh or attention. Every time he does this. I'm so over going a long with everyone. I'm done with the obligation of agreeing. Then again, I hate when people bend over backwards just to be different. I just saw the Boise State football stadium. Blue turf, are you serious? Don't be ridiculous when making a statement, (Britney Spears, Boise State), but don't just be a weak follower either. Just be honest. Just be you already.

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