Big head

I have a friend that calls me "big head" occasionally. I'm not sure if it's because I have a large head, if he thinks I'm into myself, or if it's just some random attempt to get a rise out of me but..I officially have a big head.
After countless Myspace friend requests and messages, a new contender has entered the building.

Dads hitting on me. One in particular. Let me explain.

Tonight I had my first "Meet the Teacher." I had about 50 parents show up which is really good. I had a ton say "I never come to these things but my son/daughter said I HAD to meet you," or "You're all he/she talks about!" Flattering ain't it? It made me feel good. Then, I see my favorite student, well, one of about 5 or so. We'll call him, Jimmy. Jimmy is adorable. He's short, a little chubby, and has these adorable pink cheeks. The cool thing about Jimmy is his style. He has great style. It's part hip-hop part punk rock. His hair is shaved at the front (with swirls on top), and the back and and top is spiked. I think it's called a "butt" or something like that...Anywho. He's adorable and he lights up my afternoon. So his parents come in along with others...

Mrs. McHottie (<
Jimmy: Mrs McHottie this is my dad, my mom, my dad's girlfriend, her son, and my brother.

Mrs. McHottie: Wow, you brought the whole family! That's great, happy to meet you all.

At this time I, Mrs. McHottie, precedes to meet more parents and then gives a presentation of her class.

After presentation and parents are walking out...

Jimmy's dad: Just in case Jimmy ever needs detention, I'd be more than happy to serve is time.

Mrs. McHottie (laughing nervously)

Jimmy's big brother (age 19 or so): No dad, she's more my age..I'll take her detention.

Jimmy is rolling his eyes. Mom and girlfriend laugh.

This continued for a few minutes. The family left, and I talked with some teacher friends. We walk out together. Most of parents have left by the time we hit the parking lot...so I thought. Jimmy's punk rock family is hanging near my car. The conversation starts up again.

Jimmy's brother: Remember you can call me ANYTIME if you need anything. I'll serve his detention.

Mrs. McHottie: Oh, well Jimmy is a great student, don't think he'll need detention.

Jimmy's brother: I'll do it anyway...Say, you like Coach bags? (he looks at my bag)

Mrs. McHottie: Well, yeah. I like this one.

Jimmy: Let me get you one.

Mrs. McHottie: (laughing nervously still) Nooo..that's okay. This one is good.

Jimmy's brother: Do you need a black one?

Mrs. McHottie: Maybe one day...I don't know...

Jimmy's brother: I'll get you one, and the matching shoes, what size do you wear?

Mrs. McHottie: Oh, you won't find my size.

Jimmy's brother: What size?

Mrs. McHottie: 5 1/2

Jimmy: I'll get you the purse AND the shoes.

Okay...So I laughed nervously the whole time thinking about how this was NEVER covered in New Teacher Academy..It was awkward and flattering all at the same time. Between the good teacher comments and the incessant flirting I couldn't help but get a slightly inflated head.

Couldn't help it.

I'm feeling a little hot :)


David Apatoff said...

I have to say, between the father / son rivalry and the flirting in front of the wife AND the girlfriend, I wouldn't know how to begin to measure this family on the weird-o-meter. And when you mix in the inappropriate gifts, this sounds like one dysfunctional group. I only hope your favorite student grows up unscathed. He sounds like a little cutie.

Elise said...

OMG, so what are you gonna do if he shows up someday WITH THE SHOES?

You better blog it, that's all I'm sayin'.


DC said...

If he gets you the bag...

You know I'm getting you a Louis ;)

Brint Richter said...

Blogged.........tell everyone!

medicine girl said...

Hey, we have the same shoe size!

birdonthewirenyc said...

how disturbing for you and entertaining for us.

This Girl said...

Oh how I miss the days of flirting fathers and creepy families, I can hardly wait until October. Then there are of course the creepy flirting deans, teachers . . . teaching the great noble profession.

Christina said...

Hahaha - this is funny! Let's see if he gets you the loot!