So I think I have OCD. I don't know, I could just be weird. I was listening to Kidd Kraddick on my way to work this morning (as usual) and they had their bit, "Does That Make Me Crazy?" Basically the premise involves listeners calling in and telling the morning show about their weird tendancies. The weirdest I've heard? Once this lady called in and said before she wakes up, to insure she is actually still alive and didn't die in her sleep, she gets out of bed by falling out. Roll over, thump. Every morning, on the floor just to make sure she isn't dead. Crazy right? Well, then you have your typical OCD people call in and this is what I relate to! For instance, when eating Skittles or M&Ms, I group them in colors. Every group should have one of every color and work their way down. So I may have two groups with all 5 colors, 1 with 4, 3 with 3 and so on. I eat the weak groups first, all at one time. Sometimes when I chew, I chew equally on both sides. When applying lip gloss, my top lip must be covered as many times as the bottom lip, altough I may occassionally make special consideration since my bottom lip is larger. When I brush my teeth I hum Happy Birthday. I heard that gives you a better indication of how long you should brush..but in order to brush all areas equally I break the song up into parts. Fours parts to be exact. One part for my front teeth, a part for each side (right and left), and the last for my tounqe. I also count things. I count ceiling tiles, windows, blind slots, and it kills me if I end up with an odd number.

But that's not where the weirdness ends.

There was a caller this morning who called in with another quirk of mine. In fact, she was also from my hometown. Are you ready?

I hold my breath when strangers walk by.

{Me, biting my lip, looking ashamed and embarrassed...)

{You, making a weird, scrunched up face, wondering why we're friends}

(You, again, now wondering if I've ever smelled you...)

Okay, back to the subject.

When people that I don't know walk by, I hold my breath so I don't smell them. I don't care if they look clean or not. I guess I had a smelly person experience and have been scarred from it, who knows. I especially hold my breath when old ladies walk by. There's nothing like the smell of moth balls and Shalimar to make you throw up in your mouth in the morning. As you can well imagine going to the mall on a Saturday is a beast. Luckily I can hold my breath pretty well..just not under water. And it's not obvious. In fact, I just told my husband about it a couple weeks ago. He had no idea, but I'm pretty sure he thinks I should be medicated.

Now, none of these things are something that alters my life or disrrupts it, so I think I'm okay. I don't know if it could be easily stopped, but who's it hurting anyway? I have the right to not smell anyone and I choose to exercise that right. So it's weird. Do you KNOW who's writing this blog? If you do, you may not be surprised. In the meantime, continue to check in and read, I may think of something else.


DC said...

If I ever walk by you, I'm going to listen for your breathing :)

Caroline Kaufman said...

I know I really good therapist that could help you with that!!!! ha ha ha

yessi said...

oh, you're from Abilene?

I love that segment. I eat chips in order from smallest to largest and every time I unload the dishwasher, I put the newly washed dishes UNDER or BEHIND the clean dishes in the cabinets so that they all get used equally. It gets tricky when there's only one newly washed bowl and a stack of six in the cabinets and I have to juggle the six while I put the one underneath...

I think everyone has a little bit of OCD in them, it's not a big deal! you're cool.