Weekend Back Home

So...I decided this wouldn't be such an anonymous blog...

I know, I know - totally contradicts everything I said a month or so ago, but I figure as long as there's not a definitive way to Google me and get this...well, I'd be okay for awhile.

Because it's easier for me write a list, that's what I'll do, I have a lot of pics to post - nothing spectacular - but pics nonetheless!

1) When I first arrived one of my goals was to head back to my old college campus, to find a old professor. I found him but he was in the middle of a studio critique so I browsed around my old classrooms. It really made me miss my college life...my job was to draw, paint and explore - and totally feel like I took that for granted. I could've learned so much more. As I realized that - I found my old yellow chair I sat in all the time...hasn't changed a bit.

2) At my alma mater we didn't have sororities really, we did, but they weren't Greek so they called them clubs. As a sophomore I had a few offers/potential bids in front of me, but I chose the organization with the richest history, a fountain (haha) and let's face it, the best reputation. I wasn't going to pay a ton in dues just to be associated with the hot girls who partied too much or the future housewives of America. I chose the girls who didn't have a stereotype really...unless you count white, but let's face it, at my university, diversity wasn't it's strong point. The girls were leaders, active in the school and community. You had your straight-laced conservatives, then there were girls like me that didn't mind letting their hair down occasionally. It was a good mix, and it was great to compare ourselves today to our composite pics from almost 10 years ago...but there was someone missing...

3) After the 6:30 a.m. breakfast we toured our old stomping grounds, and finally got to see the sculpture an old professor built recently. It was pretty amazing.

4) I sat in front of an old dorm I lived in for about a week. It was one of my worst college experiences besides taking sleeping pills and uppers within a few hours apart...actually, I did that while living in that hell hole! I was to get out.

5) At the Homecoming parade we ran into old friends, and cracked up at the different floats. Steppers, old ladies, and lots of candy.

6) We went to the game which turned out to be quite the surprise. This wasn't the school I use to attend..it's changed. There's actually school spirit and sold out games now...not to mention a marching band that not only plays "Thriller" but drops their horns and saxes to do the dance. Too funny.

7) After the festivities, we had a reunion dinner at the best restaurant in my opinion in Abilene. If you're ever there...head to the Beehive on Cedar downtown. I have a great friend that manages the kitchen and another that waits on tables so I may be biased, but the food was fabulous. It was one of the best things that happend to me this weekend, in more ways then one.

8) The next day was dedicated to family. I felt bad neglecting them while in town, but they totally understood. I spent most of the time at my parents house out by the lake. It's always a nice change, home cooked meals, family, and and old dirt road. That is, in fact, where I'm from, and it was nice to be back.


yessi said...

Oh my gosh. It may just be the PMS in action, but I almost cried reading your post and looking at your pictures. I took that time for granted as well...

Kiddrae254 said...

Who is that chick in the green?!?!?!